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Night Pixel is an oral sleep aid designed to help you get your best night’s sleep. These easily dissolvable strips provide you with a combination of all-natural ingredients such as valerian root, lavender, chamomile, hibiscus, and melatonin to help restore your natural sleep-wake cycle after a long night of working, gaming, or entertaining. 

The strips use a vegetarian substitute called pullulan, which is a biodegradable, water-soluble polysaccharide making it the ideal vehicle for quickly dissolving in your mouth and absorbing in the body (1).  

Valerian or Valeriana officinalis L. is a perennial plant used as early as the 18th century for its sedative effects (2). Today, valerian root extract has been shown to possibly improve sleep quality and stress support by modifying the gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) system (3)(4). 

Lavender has been used throughout the world to treat many different ailments (5). In a meta-analysis of randomly controlled trials, lavender supplementation can potentially improve sleep onset as well as enhance quantitative and qualitative sleep (6)(7)(8)(9). Other clinical trials have shown lavender to help promote stress and emotional support (10).  

Chamomile and hibiscus are both widely used in herbal teas due to the high amounts of terpenes and flavonoids which may help with stress, inflammation support, and sleep quality (11)(12)(13).  A meta-analysis of randomly controlled trials showed a significant improvement in sleep quality after chamomile administration (14). Similar results have also been found with hibiscus extract (15)(16).

Melatonin’s primary role in humans is to maintain your circadian rhythm by synchronizing your daily sleep cycle (17).  Supplementation can both help with staying asleep longer as well as mildly advance sleep onset. The majority of research suggests that melatonin lowers core body temperature and may mitigate arousal in order to increase sleep propensity (18). A meta-analysis of the 23 randomly controlled trials demonstrated melatonin has positive effects on sleep quality as assessed by the sleep quality index (19).

Remix Nutrition: Night Pixel is perfect for those looking to fall asleep fast and have their best night of slumber.



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