Sheela Awe is giving us all the nostalgic vibes in this 2000s throwback dance workout. Awe starts the fiery dance routine with a thorough warmup featuring functional movements and stretching. After building some heat, it’s time to dive into five brand-new dance sequences, tapping into everyone’s favorite icons from the early aughts.

This 30-minute session is a sentimental dose of 2000s-era dance cardio, packed with high-energy combinations that make working out feel fun. Each dance number is slowly broken down by Awe for easy learning, including an upbeat pop combo inspired by Britney Spears, and a groovy homage to Destiny’s Child. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also body roll like the Pussycat Dolls, march a lá Gwen Stefani, and break out some old-school Backstreet Boys moves that’ll send you fangirling.

Each high-energy routine is a unique full-body challenge for anyone wanting to reignite their inner Y2K pop princess. Expect to engage your core, legs, and upper body (and have an amazing time while doing it).

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Sheela Awe
Shrug: Alo
Bra: Alo
Bottom: Local European
Shoes: Nike

Melissa Westlake
Top: Vuori
Bottom: Old Navy
Shoes: APL

Lilian Gonzalez
Top: Uniqlo
Bottom: ASOS

Image Source: POPSUGAR Studios

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