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This 20-minute home workout is perfect for anyone looking to lose weight or burn calories or simply get fit and healthy. You’ll work your entire body with easy-to-follow instructions, without any equipment and all the moves are standing. I show you both a high-impact and low-impact option so this workout is suitable for beginners to intermediate. As a qualified trainer, all the moves are safe and effective at increasing your calorie burn, toning you all over and safe on your body.
So if you’re looking for a quick, effective way to burn fat, do this 20-minute bodyweight workout! Do keep me posted on your progress and as your qualified trainer, I am here for you every step of the way.

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00:01 Introduction to 20 Minute Fat Burning Workout
00:22 Quick Warm-up at Home
01:33 High Impact | Double Hamstring Curl Jumps – Low Impact| Double Hamstring Curls
02:14 Steady State Cardio
02:33 High Impact | Cardio Kick and Plyometric Jump – Low Impact | Squat to Knee Lift
03:14 Steady State Cardio
03:32 High Impact | 4 Star Jumps then 4 Punches – Low Impact | 4 Half Stars and 4 Punches
04:17 Steady State Cardio
04:37 High Impact | Thigh Toning Jumps – Low Impact | Lateral Leg Toning Lifts
05:14 Steady State Cardio
05:36 High Impact | 4 Leg Kicks then 4 Crossover Jumps – Low Impact | 4 Knee Lifts and 4 Side Steps
06:16 Steady State Cardio
06:33 High Impact | Speed Run Side to Side – Low Impact | Side Step with Arm Pull Downs
07:14 Steady State Cardio
07:34 High Impact | 6 Ladder Runs then 4 Side Hops – Low Impact | 6 Knee Lifts then 2 Step Backs
08:14 Steady State Cardio
08:24 High Impact | Ski Squat Jumps – Low Impact | Squat and Leg Lift
09:16 Steady State Cardio
09:36 High Impact | Lateral Lunge with High Jump – Low Impact | Side Lunge to Calf Raise
10:16 Steady State Cardio
10:33 High Impact | Fast Feet with Punches – Low Impact | Heel Raises and Punches
11:16 Steady State Cardio
11:33 High Impact | 4 Knee Lift Jumps the 2 hops – Low Impact | 4 Alternating Pull Down Knee Lifts then 4 Toe Taps
12:16 Steady State Cardio
12:36 High Impact | 4 Heel Kick Backs the 4 Stars – Low Impact | 4 Heel lifts and Side Taps
13:13 Steady State Cardio
13:35 High Impact | Alternating Run Hops – Low Impact | Forwards March Lift
14:14 Steady State Cardio
14:34 High Intensity | Left Lunge Back to Kick – Low Impact | Step Back to Knee Lift
15:14 Steady State Cardio
15:30 High Intensity | Right Lunge Back to Kick – Low Impact | Step Back to Knee Lift
16:15 Steady State Cardio
16:34 High Impact | Forward Jump then 3 Criss Cross Jumps – Low Impact | V- Step
17:13 Steady State Cardio
17:33 High Impact | 3 Running Hops then Hold – Low Impact | 3 Wide Steps then Hold
18:13 Steady State Cardio
18:30 High Intensity | Standing Abs – Low Intensity | Standing Abs
19:30 Steady State Cardio
19:31 High Impact | Pendulum Swings with Punches – Low Impact | Leg Lifts with Cardio Punches
20:15 Steady State Cardio
20:37 High Intensity | Standing Cardio Abs – Low Impact | Standing Cardio Abs
21:23 Cool Down March
21:4 Cool Down Stretches
23:22 High Five you Did it

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