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In this video we go through 3 basic beginner full body strength resistance training exercise workout routines that can be done at home. All of the exercises use dumbbells or body weight and work the major areas of the body, arms, shoulders, legs, chest, back and core.

Each routine consists of 9 different exercises that will work the major areas of your body, arms, legs, chest, back and core. We are going to use lighter dumbbells or just your body weight for the exercises and I would recommend doing 3 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions per set for each of the exercises.

Routine 1
Push Ups – for chest, triceps and shoulders
Rows – for back
Lunges – for legs, balance and coordination
Shoulder Presses – for shoulders
Arm Curls – for biceps
Kickbacks – for triceps
Jackknives – for core
Squat Rotations – for legs shoulders and core
Calf Raises – for calves

Routine 2
Chest Press – for chest, triceps and shoulders
Deadlifts – for back, legs and glutes
Side Raises – for shoulders
Squats – for legs
Twisting Arm Curls – for biceps and forearms
Extensions – for triceps
Crunches – for core
Reverse Lunges – for legs, balance and coordination
Shrugs – for back

Routine 3
Flyes – for chest
Front Raises – for shoulders
Pullovers – for chest and back
Hammer Curls – for biceps and forearms
Dips – for chest, triceps and shoulders
V sit – for core
Step Ups – for legs
Dumbbell Twist Rotations – for core, glutes, legs and shoulders
Single Arm Rows – for back and legs

0:00 3 workouts listed on screen
0:15 Sets, Repetitions and Routine 1
0:20 Push Ups
0:35 Bent Over Rows
0:54 Front Lunges
1:22 Shoulder Presses
1:41 Arm Curls
1:58 Kickbacks
2:26 Jackknives
2:47 Squat Rotations
3:22 Calf Raises
3:38 Routine 2 Start
3:41 Chest Press
3:55 Deadlifts
4:15 Side Raises
4:30 Squats
4:47 Twisting Arm Curls
5:14 Extensions
5:33 Crunches
5:53 Reverse Lunges
6:17 Shrugs
6:29 Routine 3 Start
6:33 Flyes
6:51 Front Raises
7:09 Pullovers
7:30 Hammer Curls
7:48 Dips
8:05 Step Ups
8:25 V Sit
8:47 Dumbbell Twist Rotations
9:15 Single Arm Rows

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