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My Current Full Glute Workout Routine | from warm up to burnout!

In today’s video, I show you my current full glute workout routine. I show you how I structure my glute workouts as well from warm up to burnouts. I personally like to do this workout twice a week (sometimes switching the isolation exercises on my second glute day). Make sure to subscribe to my channel as I normally change up my glute workout routine every 8-10 weeks. Lastly, I want to remind you all that you are already so beautiful. You do NOT need “big glutes” to be considered beautiful or sexy. Growing your glutes should be a challenge to yourself as if you were trying to grow any other muscle group. Much love!

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All the information I provide is based on my personal experience and education. While I am a certified personal trainer, I strongly recommend that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise/nutrition program. Never rely solely on information on the web in place of seeking professional medical advice. The information contained in this video is for educational and informational purposes only and is made available to you as a self-help tool. Remember each individual’s health, fitness, and nutrition success depends on his or her related program or service, your results may vary, and will be based on many variables, including but not limited to, your individual capacity, life, experience, unique health and genetic profile, starting point, expertise, and level of commitment. However, with true hard work and dedication I believe that YOU can make a change in your life starting with this video.

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