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BIG Frank Rich delivers the good news about gaining muscle mass… by coaching you through the only 5 dumbbell exercises you need for muscle mass.

Watch Frank’s 5 BARBELL Exercises for Muscle Mass

It’s true! If you only did these 5 dumbbell exercises in your workouts, you would absolutely see muscle mass gains. Sure, there are 100s of fantastic muscle building exercises but at their core, everything boils down to the BIG LIFTS that involve the most muscle. These are known as Compound Lifts.

The compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, bench press, overhead press and bent over row are the exercises that move the needle most in your training. Do these and only these with proper form, consistency and increase in weight and over time you will GROW!

Of course you can push and pull more weight with a barbell but if dumbbells are all you have, you can STILL build a strong, massive physique!!

This type of training translates to strength gains, muscular gains, athletic gains and most exciting, hormonal gains. That’s right, these lifts are the ones that have the GREATEST impact on your anabolic response to weight training.

Now it’s time to watch and learn about the ONLY 5 Dumbbell Exercises You Need for Muscle MASS 🙂

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