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For all my home workout ladies that prefer standing exercises, let’s tone our arms & abs in only 15 minutes!! Get ready feel the burn with absolutely NO REPEAT EXERCISES 💦 Grab a pair of light & medium dumbbells & let’s tone & sculpt our arms & abs!
Make sure you can see your screen so you can follow along with me & let’s move, sweat, puff & burn calories together.

▸ WARM UP: 30 seconds on | 10 seconds change over
▸ WORKOUT: 40 seconds work | 20 seconds recovery
▸ COOL DOWN: 30 seconds on | 10 seconds change over

▸ Muscles targeted: Full body
▸ Benefits of resistance training: Build muscle, tone up & improve bone health!
▸ Time: ~15 minutees (warm up + cool down included)
▸ Equipment: 1x pair of light dumbbells & 1x pair of medium dumbbells

Reminder that we are all different, so you can adjust the work:rest period to suit your fitness level! Feel free to complete more or less rounds for a more or less intense workout ♡

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