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Are you stuck at home and lacking access to all the usual gym climbing facilities? Do you want to get involved with a regular workout session with simple, commonly-found-at-home training items? Are you a psyched climber?!

If the answer is yes, then we’ve got the answer! We’ve had Tom put together a series of 20 minute “At Home Workouts” for you to follow, using the most basic training tools that most of us have at home. He’s also built this follow-along program so that there’s levels of progression and difficulty should you find yourself surpassing the difficulty of a certain “level” of video. There are 4 levels of video, which build upon the last. The aim is to be consistent with your home workout until you complete it and then move onto the next level!

All the exercises are designed to be as specific as possible to climbers and also to work the whole body (including some balance exercises!). These videos will be released each Thursday at 4pm and we recommend that you only move up to the next level of video once you’ve mastered the previous level of difficulty. Most of you will want to be trying this workout 1-2 times a week if you are a climbing the same amount normally. If you’re well trained and fine the workouts reasonable, then up to 3 times a week is possible.

Lastly, we’re doing some prize giveaways during this series so keep watching out – you can win some cool stuff from Tension, Rab and Wild Country!

Find out more about our Lattice Training Plans here: https://latticetraining.com/plans/

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