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Get a good long row into you – break up a 50 minute workout by changing stroke rate every 10 minutes. Just to keep it from feeling too long…
🚣 50 minutes with no rests – changing between 18 and 20spm every 10 minutes 🚣‍♀️

➔Pace Guide = 2K+20-24 (18spm) and 2K+18-22 (20spm)
➔Effort = 5-6/10
➔Speech = Comfortable

❗ Both stroke rates have a wide pace range. Based on your current fitness when it comes to rowing for 50 minutes non-stop, that’s how you know where you should be. If you haven’t rowed many 50 minute sessions, even at these low rates, then sit on the bottom end of the pace guide. You don’t wan to go too hard and turn this into a MID intensity workout. It should start bottom, and although the intensity will rise – because it’s 50 minutes worth of rowing after all – the bulk of this row should be a bottom tier, fitness building ‘feel’. ❗

🚥Either use Ergzone to pre-program your Concept2 monitor (search for RowAlong, and under the RA icon, pick RA67) but if you’re concerned about a delay, or you’re not rowing on a Concept2 – just set the main session as a single 50 minute row change rate and pace with me. 🚥

00:00 Intro
02:40 Warmup
08:34 Main Session
1:00:32 Cooldown and time to stretch and packup

As always, follow me for stroke rate. And I’ll keep you company for the row with training tips, technique tips, and my usual general waffle.

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This workout is provided as usual WITHOUT MUSIC. If you want music, why not load up another YouTube tab, or maybe Soundcloud and pick your own tunes.

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See you in the next video.

ℹ – 2K training paces are based on your current best performance to row 2000m. Set your monitor to 2000m and row it as fast as you can. When you’re finished either look at the memory screen for that row, and note the Average /500m pace – or just divide your time by 4 to find that out.

For instance – if you rowed your 2000m in 8:20 – the average pace for 500m is 2:05. It doesn’t matter if you started at 1:50 and then slowed down to 2:20 by the end – your average across the whole row is 2:05.

So when I give a pace guide saying “2K + 18 seconds” – that means that you take your 2K time, and add 18 seconds to it (in the above example, 2:05 + 18 = 2:23 pace.) Just be sure to set your monitor so it displays your /500m pace so you can stay on target.

Every time you think you’re getting faster, rather than just arbitrarily changing the pace guide – do another 2000m test to find your current 2K average time – and then work from that. ℹ

==================What I use==================

From time to time, people ask what kit I use for rowing and making these videos. So here we go (Affilliate Links):

***Rowing*** Concept 2 Rowing Machine Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor Concept 2 Phone Holder Jabra 65t Elite Earbuds Dyson Fan Macbook Pro for RowPro software T-shirts

***Filming*** Panasonic GH5 Tascam DR-05x Lavalier microphone Neewer Lights Viltrox Lens Adaptor Canon 24-105mm Lens UV Filter Pack

PC with GTX 1080 Video Card and i7 7700K processor. 2 x 28 inch monitors 1 x Samsung QLED 4K video monitor 2 x Yamaha HS7 speakers Behringer UMC204HD Audio Box Sennheiser HD25 Headphones Davinci Resolve

***Recommendations*** Polar H9 Heart Rate Sensor Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor Wahoo Tickr Heart Rate Sensor Garmin HRM Dual Heart Rate Sensor Moofit Heart Rate Sensor Apple Watch Floor Mat Ski-Erg Bike-Erg Saris Hammer (For road bike on Zwift)

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*for info, RowAlong used to be PDP – but the name was changed to RowAlong in 2020.

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