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These are the 5 Best Bicep, Tricep, and Shoulder Exercises that you can do at home without the use of any gym equipment. Learn exactly how to set up a workout that you can do anywhere to build bigger arms.

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Your arms are primarily made up of three muscles the shoulders, biceps, and triceps. And each of these muscles can be further divided into multiple muscle heads. With the shoulder, you have three heads that make up a front, middle, and back portion. Then the bicep has two heads, a long head, and a short head, and the tricep has three heads including a long head, a lateral head, and a medial head. To target all of these muscles for optimal Arm development you’ll have to incorporate a variety of exercises. But if you don’t have access to a gym it becomes much more challenging to train your arms and that’s especially the case with muscles like your biceps. So that’s why today I want to go over the 9 best exercises you can do to develop your arms at home without the use of traditional gym equipment like barbells, dumbbells, and cables. At the end of the video, I’ll also provide specific sets and reps for each exercise so you can perform them together as a workout. 
Now the very first exercise that I want to start with is going to be a bicep exercise and honestly if you’re only using your body weight the number of exercise options that you have for biceps will be pretty limited without gym equipment. Of course, you can do pullups but for that, you’ll need a pullup bar. There r also exercises like bicep pushups but that targets mostly your triceps and shoulders and are not very effective for the biceps. You can raise your upper body up on two platforms to help target your biceps better but this still doesn’t allow for proper flexion of the elbow joint through a full range of motion. Instead, it’s more of an isometric contraction. So for your first bicep exercise, we’re going to use a doorway for single-arm doorway rows. Now if you don’t have a sturdy door frame don’t worry I’m going to give you an alternative but to set this one up you would stand in front of the doorway with the door open and your feet close to the frame of the door. Then with one hand grab the frame and slowly lean back until your elbow is fully extended. You want to do your best to keep your hips in a straight line with your head and your feet, and then once you’re in position you’re going to pull your body up towards the frame with one arm. Then slowly lower back down and repeat for reps. Keep in mind that the further you walk your feet forward around the frame the more you’ll be leaning back and the more challenging the exercise will become so this is very similar to how trx rows work. Now, if you don’t have a sturdy door frame or if this one bothers your hands, for your first exercise you can do curls by just using your leg. To perform these you would want to lean back against something to help maintain balance. Then you’re going to raise and rotate one of your legs and place that ankle into your opposite hand. Bend your upper body slightly and from that position, you’re going to resist by pushing down with your leg as you curl up and down with your bicep. Now I’m normally not a big fan of exercises that require you to create your own resistance because that resistance may become inconsistent throughout the exercise. But this exercise in particular actually does work very well even tho you have to create some of your own resistance because unless your super flexible muscles in your leg like your gluteus medius will automatically provide more and more resistance as you stretch them while curling your arm up. So even if this one looks a little odd if you give it a shot you’ll definitely feel plenty of tension in your bicep.
Next, we have a great bodyweight tricep exercise the plank up-down. To begin you’ll get down into a pushup position, once again concentrating on keeping your core tight. Then lift one hand off the floor, bend your arm, and lower yourself down on that forearm. From there repeat the same process on the other side so that you’re now down on both elbows in a traditional plank position. Once your down alternate sides once again by extending the elbow that you originally lowered to the ground, pressing yourself up, and planting your hand in place of your forearm. Then repeat the same thing on the other side and repeat for reps. Now each time that you perform the next rep you’ll want to alternate the side that you lower yourself down on first. Even though it may sound like it requires a lot of coordination it really doesn’t.

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