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Everyone has to start somewhere, and if you are just beginning your bodybuilding, this video is where you should start. All it takes is some basic muscle building moves, nothing fancy, to build a good foundation for your bodybuilding workouts.

This bodybuilding workout for beginners will focus just on your chest and arms. The four moves in this workout are:

1) Chest Press
2) Overhead Shoulder Press
3) Bicep Curls
4) Triceps Extensions

Do 10 reps of each move at a weight where the last few reps are challenging, but still allow you to keep proper form. Stick to 1 set of each move to start with. Once you start feeling like you are completing this workout without much challenge build in an additional set of each move. After you are doing two sets of each move and the workout is no longer a challenge, increase the weight you are lifting a little bit (2.5 to 5 lbs) to make sure you are always challenging the muscle. Remember to not go too heavy though so you can ensure you keep your form!

Do this workout twice a week, giving your muscles plenty of time to recover between workouts. This recovery is when your muscles are reconditioning to be ready for more lifting.

Once you have built up a good base of muscle strength, try this Upper Body Blast Workout:

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