Workout Program Builder
10 minute shred sesh consisting of:

Goblet squat 40s rest 20s
Man makers 40s rest 20s
RDL 40s rest 20s
Sumo squat holding dumbbell 40s rest 20s
Alt lunges with weight 40s rest 20s
Leg over dumbbell core 40s rest 20s
Chest press bridge 40s rest 20s
Hold squat and curl one dumbbell 40s rest 20s
Dumbbell pushups 40s rest 20s
Thrusters 40s rest 20s

This is Joel’s own personal workout. Make sure you are properly stretched out and hydrated prior to take part. It is strongly recommended that yo consult your doctor before beginning any new workout program. By taking part in 15 With Osteen you agree that you are doing so at your own risk or injury. However you are risking becoming very jacked and stoked, so that’s tight.

Performed by – Joel Osteen
Producers – Strider – Dan Lucchesi – Chad Kroger – JT Parr – JT’s Mom
Associate Producers – Zack Bernstein – Darren Kho
Director – Dan Lucchesi
Cameras – Dan Lucchesi – John Chigas
Editor – Dan Lucchesi

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