Fitness Workout for Women
The workout that left me sore for 3 days after filming (like can’t sit on the toilet sore) — this LIFT HEAVY, strength-training lower body burnout!⁣

Legs, thighs, butt and hamstrings – we’re burning out every muscle in the lower body with this STRENGTH TRAINING Dumbbell Lower Body Workout! No squat rack or fancy gym equipment needed!

This Leg Day Workout for Women targets the:
✔️ Quads (front of the leg)
✔️ Hamstrings (back of the leg)
✔️ Adductors (inner thighs)
✔️ Abductors (outer thigh and hips)
✔️ Glutes (booty 🍑 )

This workout is a ‘drop set’ format — meaning we’ll reduce reps with each additional set. This is a great way to challenge yourself with heavy weights. You’ll do the most intense set (in terms of how many reps there are) at the beginning of the workout, and then drop reps as you start to fatigue.

► Cue up your favorite music, press ‘play’, and let’s knock it out!
Here’s my workout playlist:

✨THE WORKOUT: 45-Minute Leg Day Workout for Women✨

► EQUIPMENT: Medium-to-heavy set of dumbbells (or a couple sets of dumbbells to toggle between) and an optional mini loop resistance band. 

I suggest anywhere from 8-35 lbs. I personally used 15 and 25 lb dumbbells in this workout video.

➝ Here are the adjustable PowerBlocks I used, a great option for heavier weights (affiliate link):

➝ Here are the Mini Loop Resistance Bands I used, a great way to add intensity to lower body workouts at home (affiliate link, GET 20% OFF with code: NML):

► INSTRUCTIONS: Follow along with the video above.
00:00 Workout Warm Up
07:10 Set 1: Squats + Lateral Lunges⁣
16:16 Set 2: Deadlifts⁣
28:18 Set 3: Banded Squats⁣
35:12 Set 4: Lunges⁣
41:27 Set 5: Sumo Squats⁣
47:10 Cool Down

Alternatively, work off the 20 dumbbell leg exercises below at your own pace.

This LEG DAY workout is made up of 5 circuits. Each circuit consists of 3 exercises, completed in a rep drop format (14 reps on the first set, 12 reps on the second set, and 10 reps on the third set). Then we close out each circuit with a burnout!

1️⃣ CIRCUIT 1: Squats + Lateral Lunges⁣
Strength Exercises (x3 sets, 14/12/10 rep drop format):
》1. Goblet Squat
》2. Handswitch Lateral Lunges
》3. Alternating Lateral Lunge + Squat Combo
Burnout (x2 sets, timed intervals):
》30 seconds: Lateral Lunge Knee Drive
》30 seconds: Single Leg Pistol Squat Hold

2️⃣ CIRCUIT 2: Deadlifts
Strength Exercises (x3 sets, 14/12/10 rep drop format):
》1. Staggered Deadlift, right
》2. Staggered Deadlift, left
》3. Deadlift + Clean Squat
Burnout (x2 sets, timed intervals):
》30 seconds: Single Leg Glute Lifts with Resistance Band, right
》30 seconds: Single Leg Glute Lifts with Resistance Band, left

3️⃣ CIRCUIT 3: Banded Squats
Strength Exercises (x3 sets, 14/12/10 rep drop format):
》1. Wide Narrow Squat, right first, left second
》2. Banded Squat Walk
Burnout (x1 set, timed intervals):
》30 seconds: Squat Hold + Abductors Band Open

4️⃣ CIRCUIT 4: Lunges
Strength Exercises (x3 sets, 14/12/10 rep drop format):
》1. Uneven Split Squat, right
》2. Uneven Split Squat, left
》3. Reverse Lunge Thrusters

5️⃣ CIRCUIT 5: Sumo Squats⁣
Strength Exercises (x3 sets, 14/12/10 rep drop format):
》1. Set Down Pick Up Sumo Squats
》2. Hold Sumo Squat + Calf Raises
Burnout (x1 set):
》10 reps: Banded Bear Crawl Abduction
》10 reps: Banded Donkey Kick, right
》10 reps: Banded Donkey Kick, left

See video for complete workout and proper exercise form.⁣⁣⁣
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