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Welcome to Yoga with Melissa, I’m so happy you’ve decided to try a beginner yoga class. Whether this is your first class or you are a seasoned practitioner with beginner’s mind all are welcome here.

Cobra and Bow Pose are such great counter poses to our day to day life which often have us sitting rounded over computers, driving, eating, reading, cell phones, texting, social media. They open us up to the world at large again! They strengthen our back muscles and bow pose even opens up our hips from spending hours sitting in chairs.

What to expect: I will begin by sharing what to expect in this yoga class. You will start by lying down on your back in savasana/corpse pose, which is just a fancy way of saying you will lie on your back on the floor. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, it allows you to transition from the multi-dimensional focus and demands of your day to day life to the singular focus of your yoga practice. During your time on your yoga mat you will have the luxury of just focusing on you. Secondly it gives you an opportunity to settle in and center yourself. I will guide you in this process by asking you to focus on your breath. Finally it gives your body a chance to let go to the pull of gravity. The muscular tension of your body can already begin to release here even before you begin practicing yoga postures.

In today’s class we will use savasana as an opportunity to start preparing your body for backbends by having you rest over your yoga mat rolled up. This will start to bend your spine backwards, preparing you for backbends.

After savasana you will go back to lying on your back for some “warm-up” postures, not in the sense to warm-up your body like doing a cardio warm-up, but more to prepare your body for other postures to come. In today’s class you will begin with a reclined twist to prepare your body for the backbends.

From there you will come to kneeling and continue to prepare your spine for the backbends with cat pose. From kneeling we will practice a modified version of chaturanga dandasana to teach you good form and to keep your elbows in during cobra pose. From here we will practice various postures to open up the front of your hips and to strengthen your back in preparation for bow pose and cobra pose.

Next we will come to standing and continue to prepare your body for backbending with some side bending and gentle standing backbends. From there your body will be ready for the peak poses of today’s class, cobra and bow pose. We will practice each pose modified and then in its full form. We will round out the class with a reclined twist. After your yoga practice, you will have a chance to receive and integrate your practice with savasana/corpse pose.

Props Needed: Yoga Mat

Yoga Postures/Asanas: savasana resting over rolled up yoga mat, reclined twist/Jathara Parivartanasana, cat pose/Marjaryasana, tricep push up/chaturanga dandasana, leg extensions/ locust, lunge pose/Ashwa Sanchalanasana/Anjaneyasana, standing side bend/chandrasana, standing backbend/Anuvittasana, cobra/Bhujangasana, bow pose/dhanurasana, reclined twist/Jathara Parivartanasana

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