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The Moon Salutations works mostly on moves going to the side, unlike the sun Salutations that work on going forward and back.

This is a nice sequence to end the day.

I work so we are mirroring one another, so it’s always your lefts and rights, we work to the same side.

I don’t claim my videos or my yoga to be perfect! These are for my wonderful class attendees to help them practice a little yoga at home and if anyone else finds them useful, then all good.

Teaching Tips: If you have any problems in the knees, exercise caution on the side squat position as this is quite strong in the knees, you can remain higher in the position until it feels more comfortable.

Try to do the Lion pose, I know you’ll feel self conscious or silly, sticking your tonuge out and looking up, but it stretches the muscles in the face, throat and eyes. We always forget the muscles of the face.

Dont worry if you dont feel your routine doesnt ‘flow’ or look like mine…practice is all you need.

Breathe deeply in and ot of the nose to bring the sequence to life and to get the most out of it.

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