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Yoga Class for Crow Pose to Chaturanga Transitions with Dylan Werner

This yoga class is a preview from Dylan Werner’s online yoga classes focused on inversions. You can get the full set of yoga classes by Dylan here:

In this free yoga class, Dylan Werner Yoga focuses on developing a strong crow pose (bakasana) then introducing the transition between Crow Pose and Chaturanga. This strength practice for yoga transitions will eventually build your skill until you can jump back from Crow Pose to Chaturanga, and vice versa.

Bring handstands and arm balances directly into your Yoga practice and skillfully thread them into your Vinyasas. These yoga classes will give you a technical understanding of body mechanics and will have direct application to your Yoga practice. After 30 days you will have the skill, stability and confidence to float into a handstand in the middle of the room, do Hollowback, advance your arm balance practice, and integrate all of it into your everyday Yoga practice.

Dylan Werner started teaching yoga in 2011 after 10 years of advanced movement training. He has since lead teacher trainings and workshops all over the world and is a globally recognized yoga instructor.

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