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Yoga Asana – Savasana –

“Bones, muscles, movement I surrender now; anxiety, elation and depression, churning thoughts all these I give into the hands of peace.”

Why is it that every yoga class, no matter what school of thought we conclude the session with Savasana?

Could Savasana be the most important asana we do?

The practice of Yoga is ultimately the process of transforming the self to greater and greater states of awareness.

Be barefoot. Lie flat on your back.

Separate your heels hip-distance and let your toes fall out to the sides.

Rest your arms at the sides of your body, palms facing upward, fingers relaxed.

Allow your forehead to be slightly higher than your chin. Drop your bottom teeth away from your top teeth. Allow your lips to softly touch. With your eyes closed, roll your gaze downward.

Breathe evenly and comfortably through your nose. Be aware of your breath and allow the inhalations and exhalations to lengthen and become softer. The rise and fall of
the chest is very slight.

Relax your heels into the floor.

Soften the arches and the balls of your feet. Allow your toes to be limp.

Relax the tops of your feet and your ankles. Melt your calves into the floor. Relax your shins. Drop your kneecaps and soften the backs of your knees.

Soften your thighs, relaxing the quadriceps and hamstrings.
Relax the entire pelvic region, quieting your internal organs.
Relax your ribs and the muscles and skin covering your ribs.
Relax the internal organs that are protected by your ribs.
Soften the skin of your chest and of your collarbones.
Drop your shoulders away from your ears and into the floor.
Relax your upper arms, elbows, and forearms.
Relax your wrists, palms and backs of your hands.

Soften your fingers and thumbs, allowing them to take their natural curve.

Relax all of the muscles of your back. Drop your tail bone into the floor.

Melt your entire spine into the floor. Soften the skin of your back.

Relax the muscles of your neck and throat.

Relax your jaws and chin. Soften the corners of your mouth, turning them slightly upward into a hint of a smile.

Relax the muscles of your cheeks. Soften the corners of your eyes. Relax your brow. Soften your temples. Soften the skin of your ears and quiet your hearing. Relax your

As you continue to relax your mind, breath, and body, keep your mind awake and aware throughout Savasana.

Stay in Savasana for 10 minutes.

Coming out of Savasana should be done with the same care and thoughtfulness that you use in every other part of your yoga practice. The transition between Savasana and

sitting up to end a session, like the transitions between any restorative poses, is an important time when we should be mindful to move smoothly and quietly so we do not

disturb whatever peacefulness and equanimity we have established through our practice.

The greatest benefit from Savasana comes at the end of your yoga practice, as you allow your body to absorb all the good things you have done for it during your practice.

In Savasana both body and mind relax completely while your consciousness remains alert. The real art of this asana, indeed, all of yoga, is to take what we learn in the pose
and relate it to our daily lives.
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While relaxation itself does not need guidance, when it comes to yogic breathing fused with Shavasana or the corpse pose, one definitely needs to watch out for a few things. In this video, AJ gives you a step-by-step guidance as to how we should relax well in the corpse pose apart from telling a few important things about the AUM sounds

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Yoga Instructor : Aparajita Jamwal
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