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Zuzka Light Workout At Home For Beginner

I’ve been exercising regularly for a few years, with tremendous improvements in my health, and whenever someone asks me how they should start out in exercise, I tell them to just get moving!

Try to get moving every day — whether it’s walking, running, strength training, sports, running around with the kids, swimming, paddling, or whatever works for you. If you can do that, you’ll get healthier and fitter over time.

And it does take time. Any exercise program that promises results in a week or three or even a month is either lying to you, or not worth it — you’ll just gain it back in a short amount of time, because you haven’t changed your lifestyle or habits. So no, you won’t see quick results if you get active, but you’ll see long-term results if you stick with it. Have fun along the way and things will be great.

And what you eat is just as important. Make small changes over time to your diet — drink water instead of soda, or eat leaner cuts of meat (or go vegetarian), cut out fried foods, eat more fruits and veggies, cut out processed grains, changes like that — and you’ll be well on your way to a healtheir lifestyle and a fitter you)

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