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  • MsLeilaMarie 3 years ago

    what the name of the song in the beginning of your video. thanks in advance ☺

  • Kaithynn Sanchez 3 years ago

    What motivated/gave you the confidence to start a YouTube channel?

  • Patrick Ryan 3 years ago

    Put some fenugreek and milk in your smoothies.. it's healthy AF and you'll see gains in your upper body also, if you know what I mean gf.. love your honesty btw.. you're a breath of fresh air..

  • Gino8451 3 years ago

    hey Sandra and the talking dog Sandra I'm starting to like you. you are so cool and you seem to be a nice family girl. I wanted to share with you something very important. about this girl who had the same problem like you and then she found the solution to her problem. I have the video to help you I hope you can be open minded about it and just check it out . it is here on you tube it is called .  MY EX HOMOSEXUAL TESTIMONY. PT 1. IT HAS CHANGED SO MANY GIRLS LIFE when you have time check it out ok GOD BLESS YOU SANDRA. IM A FAN OF YOURS.

  • brandon espinoza 3 years ago

    I knew you were a Texan the second I heard you say y'all lol if you from the Houston area your doing a good job representing how we grind in the South! keep it up! stay true and humble and always follow your dreams! for sure subscribing love your channel!

  • Brian 3 years ago

    Keep dpin your thing Sandra…your very pretty to 😄

  • PJ Sanitago 3 years ago

    When I was in middle school I had my shoes peed in

  • Julien Velasco 3 years ago

    That braid must be bout that life too, cause it is incredibly thick.

  • Jon Frego 3 years ago

    Why do all these kids start working out and try making videos off it? Having a fat ass and a slim waste doesn't make you a fitness guru… You need to get more serious about the lift game Hun. You are still a beginner.

  • bella2020love 3 years ago


  • Guanajuato Lara 3 years ago

    do a video in Spanish!

  • The Macro Warrior 3 years ago

    Wow, I can relate to your middle school experience ! I used to hate going to school and bullying affected my grades and all the crap !
    You are amazing, keep up your hard work and I can see that you have a bright future, at least fitness wise :)

  • George Franks 3 years ago


    Thanks for telling this storie, I wish you could be my coach. I need someone who is down to earth and who understands the struggle. 😃 I'll be waiting for the beginners videos!

  • Laurie Millanes 3 years ago

    Yes please make that video! I love your personality :)

  • Stewyy17 3 years ago

    proud of you sandra, keep it up!

  • marie beltran (random marie) 3 years ago

    OML i love you girl !!! xoxox

  • robin bitz 3 years ago

    U r such an amazing person!!! I'm shocked that u were bullied… I was bullied throughout my entire junior high and high school years because I've battled w my weight and still do to this day…. The world needs more people like u …. U r an inspiration!!

  • Marcela Landavaso 3 years ago

    U should check out Matt Ogus… He's literally a genius when it comes to weight lifting and eating clean.

  • NorCal Gunner 3 years ago

    No before pics?

  • Cesar Rodriguez 3 years ago