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When should you take creatine, before or after you workout? Is there a significant difference or does it really matter at all. In this video we’re going to cover the best time to take creatine.

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Just the other day I got a question on the Total Fitness Bodybuilding Facebook Page asking:

Joshua wrote:
“Lee Hayward I seen all your videos about creatine. But my question is when should you take creatine? And could I take creatine for just Post Workout only?”

The simple answer to this question is that it really doesn’t matter when you take your creatine, as long as you take it regularly.

The most important thing when it comes to creatine supplementation is that keep your muscle creatine levels topped up in order to reap the benefits that creatine has to offer.

As for taking it before or after a workout; this is an interesting question and you’ll hear 2 sides to this one. Some people believe that you should take creatine before working out so the creatine is available in the blood stream to be used during your actual workout itself.

Others believe that you should take creatine after your workouts because your depleted muscles will be able to absorb and utilize the creatine and other nutrients better.

I actually prefer to do both. I’ll have 5 grams of creatine monohydate powder mixed in with a protein shake around midday. Than I’ll usually workout later in the afternoon. And right after my workout I’ll have a post workout shake with another 5 grams of creatine monohydrate mixed in.

On non workout days you can simply have 1 serving of creatine at any time, either mixed with a glass of water, added to a protein shake, etc. This way you’ll maintain a steady supply of creatine.

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