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What Is The Best Pre Workout Meal?

What are the best foods to eat before a workout in order to maximize your strength and energy levels while you train?

You’ll hear all kinds of recommendations on this, ranging from a liquid shake to a solid food meal to training completely fasted without any food at all prior to your session.

The real answer on the question of what to eat before a workout is that there’s really no need to make this complicated at all. Proper muscle building nutrition is all about what you do in the big picture of things, and worrying about the exact foods you consume in small windows of an hour here or an hour there really isn’t going to make any difference overall.

The best pre workout meal is whatever combination of foods allows you to train at YOUR personal best. If that means a whey protein shake and some fruit, go for it. If it means chicken and rice, that’s fine too. When it comes to pre workout nutrition, just aim to get in some protein and some carbs within a couple hours of your session. Simple as that.

The only considerations for an effective pre workout meal that you might want to take into account are to make sure that the meal isn’t too large (as this could give you an upset stomach during your workout) and that the fat content is not too high.

Other than that, the best pre workout meal for building muscle and strength is any basic combination of protein and carbohydrates that maximizes your energy levels and allows you to comfortably train with the highest level of intensity. In terms of pre workout meal timing, anywhere from 1-3 hours before your session is usually fine.


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