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If you or anyone you know could use this message, please share this. I want this to be heard by anyone who may need it, no more missed opportunities, share share share, thanks everyone and hope you like the video.

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  • Matthew Watson 3 years ago

    Your inspiring man, I'm a big guy and you have totally motivated me. Check out my progress picture on my instagram: _matt_watson96. keep up the amazing work you're doing great!

  • Alex Arzola 3 years ago

    greatest thing I've seen in a while. thanks for that man you give me a reason to get up become the person I am meant to be. thank you

  • bunga lawang 3 years ago

    well said m8.. just go for it!! great video

  • Breanda Mccleave 3 years ago

    I just want to ride the furry 😣 I know last year I waited all day in line to ride the furry and got to the front of the line and got a front sit on the ride and had an employee spend 2 Mins tryna squeeze me in the seat then tell me to exits the …. I want to ride so back now cuz I have a end of the year school trip coming up and I want to ride with my friends😓 I got to loss the weight are watch my 8th friends have a once and a life time experience with school Mates in front of my eyes 😤😧

  • Jaime Huezo 3 years ago

    I started about 3 days ago and starting with 226 lbs, age 16 and height 5 ft 9 in. I really want to reach my goal of 170lbs, but I don't know the routine to start with at the gym? I want to make a difference in my life and stop getting bully, I'm not fat I'm just chubby, so I think it would be easier for me to reach my goal, please help me with some advice! How long did it take you to get Fit, and look fit?

  • sokra 3 years ago


  • emotattuuz 3 years ago

    3.24.16 when I started. I'm going from 260(current) to 180. I'm 24 and a father of 2.

  • Monica Kaja 3 years ago

    You're still ugly.

  • king T 3 years ago

    fucken all the lose skin

  • Demetrius Teague 3 years ago

    3/14/16 @ 346lbs the day I decided to change my life for the better

  • Sara Richter 3 years ago

    Love this! Found your channel through all of the Arnold Expo videos. You're an awesome inspiration to anyone looking to lose weight and simply reach a goal. Keep up the awesome videos :) more cardio entertainment for me :) hehe and good luck on the road to 175!

  • Jm Steger 3 years ago

    I started 3 days ago. I need to lose 40lbs 3.10.16

    thanks man!

  • Yatunic 3 years ago

    Currently 6 foot 3 and 255 pounds and 25 pounds down from my worst weight. My goal right now is to try and get ready for running a tough mudder in 6 months. I have no idea if i am going to be able to do it but your videos and obesetobeast's videos have been a great source of motivation so far. Keep up the good work

  • ZzFitness 3 years ago

    Amazing job! Check out my Transformation! =D Keep up it!

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  • The 3 weeks Diet is 100% guaranteed to melt away 12-23 lb fat in just 3 weeks - CLICK HERE - 3 years ago


  • Lil glo 3 years ago

    I'm inspired. I'm ready to lose weight.

  • nickwithasickness 3 years ago

    i bet if he jumped on a bostin loyd stack hed fill out his loose skin its not super loose like obese to beast.

  • Porkless Son 3 years ago

    I'm gonna start my journey today, thanks for the inspiration bro. keep it up

  • Odalis Lerman 3 years ago

    wow dude i really needed to hear that and good job man keep it up

  • Jason Clark 3 years ago

    Fouseytube Is fake asf he got exposed fake pranks

  • JordanJiffey 1 3 years ago

    You should start another channel for 2k

  • Kandra Bruce 3 years ago

    I chose Weight Loss Idealiss fat burner because i just finished the hcg diet and lost 40 pounds and wanted to keep it off. I have been using Weight Loss Idealiss fat burn now for 2 months and have continued to lose up to 2 pounds a week! Feels great! I highly recommend it!

  • Ryan Nguyen 3 years ago


  • Young Flüchtling 3 years ago

    nigga go get a job

  • Nahiyan M 3 years ago

    I think he said 5 words throughout the whole reaction

  • ANDREW FELIX 3 years ago

    slim and tone in st lucia check out 400lbs weight loss st lucia

  • kebin 3 years ago

    "lifting metal"LOL, pre workout + protein powder + creatine= steroids and fucks with your head? does this guy even know what hes talking about?

  • Anthony Lovina 3 years ago

    Wtf is a post workout 🤔

  • Anthony Lovina 3 years ago

    Ur retarted

  • pro YouTuber 3 years ago


  • Niclas Martinsen 3 years ago

    i say

  • Najib Ali 3 years ago

    I feel like he where's that shirt everyday

  • Jonathan Carrasco 3 years ago

    he's not even reacting to the video he just stares

  • Dominick 3 years ago

    Man fuck this shit, this fucker didn't even talk… People who do Reaction videos are the scums of YouTube. Fuck you

  • Derrick Brown 3 years ago

    watch the civil war 2 trailer

  • Dubstep 3 years ago

    now I'm back with a 4 pack & about to get a 6 pack 👌

  • btgninja 3 years ago


  • Krishnas Wolke 3 years ago

    I do feel as if WeightLossGreenStoretea works for the long term. I started using it about a month ago. I stopped using it for a couple of weeks due to an illness I got, and did not gain back even 1 pound of weight. I have now begun use again, and it’s working great. I am pleased with it, and even more pleased by the fact that it doesn't give me any negative side effects

  • batboy143 3 years ago

    i dont get this guy with his vids all he does is watch other peoples vids haha