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Thank you for watching, HD is available! This video is based on what I am personally doing to lose weight, lose inches and reduce my belly fat. These are my opinions and/or suggestions I am NOT a professional, if you need professional help with losing weight please contact your doctor for assistance. Thank you for your support please SUBSCRIBE and hit the THUMBS UP.





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  • Onica Elise Wright 3 years ago

    love this video the ideas for the waist arms thighs slimmers and all the advice these videos are great

  • Keysha Bass 3 years ago

    Wow! You look fantastic!

  • Gisel Jackson 3 years ago
  • Inner U TV 3 years ago

    Hi how are you saw your video's and I decided to subscribe. I like your Ora and your very motivational. My question is how long did you workout before you started seeing results

  • Priya Sundhir 3 years ago

    How do you keep your weave fresh whilst working out? That's the only thing that puts me off

  • belissimahoney69 3 years ago

    This video was so informative….you made it seem simple and not so intimidating…

  • BearCee75 3 years ago

    Thank you for the tips!!! I have heard them so many times but it's good to hear them over and over again from different people and listen to their stories.

  • Fiorella elias 3 years ago

    Your very very beautiful!! 

  • Miss Hello Kitti 3 years ago

    Hummm, beautiful inside and out. You got me desiring to work out.

  • Lauren Day 3 years ago

    This was very motivating for me. Im going to download the fitness pal app now! Thanks so much ((: 

  • Jennifer Mvumbi 3 years ago

    It great video 😃

  • Jamerican Beauty 3 years ago

    One minute into the video I subscribed ! I'm all about positivity ! Good luck to you and your journey !!

  • Mari Hernandez 3 years ago

    Thank you for this video ! I'm definitely starting my diets/workouts in the morning ! It's 12am over here so, I have to get some rest! This actually made me feel motivated !!:)

  • Sundae Girl 3 years ago

    Thankyou for this, it really has motivated me to get my lifestyle healthier and right. I'm currently doing the T25 workouts but I've been struggling with food, because I'm always getting cravings, but now you've helped me realise, that I can eat the foods I still love, just in moderation and I feel this way now, because you are living proof it still works. Thankyou for that, keep up the good work x

  • Laced By Swagg 3 years ago

    That ending was too cute!

  • dettahz 3 years ago

    Thank you for the motivation. I will be starting to Zumba and the squat work out I seen you upload. After really negative comments from I've gotten today I'm really glad to come across your videos for the first time 😌 

  • janevah2005 3 years ago

    wow! we are doing the same things. I use my fitnesspal and fitness blender! And I measure myself. I add in insanity workouts too.

  • Angie B Love (The Angie Brown Network) 3 years ago

    Great Video!!

  • Really Good Living 3 years ago

    Inspiring video! 

  • bonita ellis 3 years ago

    I needed to hear that thank you so much for sharing