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My weight loss story confined to 4 minutes, for the whole story which can help answer a lot of questions click the link below!

Part 1 to my weight loss journey:
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  • rahwa esak 3 years ago

    thank u so much…u helped me..

  • Stew Katz 3 years ago

    Great job bro!! And very inspiring video! I'm on a weight loss journey myself. Down 60lbs so far (started at 248) and trying to lose my last 8 to hit my 180lbs target. I want to start weight training once I do but not sure exactly where to start. Any helpful insight? I'm also having to deal with loose skin…any thoughts on that? Thanks bro and keep it up!!

  • Jameel Khan 3 years ago

    my respect man,great transformation,

  • Raphael Tanchuling 3 years ago

    slam poetry + weight loss?! man, you are inspirational.

  • WrathOfGod101 3 years ago

    Bro i just stumbled upon your videos and believe me, right now i am staying up all night lookin at your videos! I have had the battle against weightloss forever and I have started and failed many a times but your videos, your story and this video especially, makes me feel like getting back at it. And this harder, stronger, and better! And keep goin at it till I achieve my goal. Thanks a lot bro.

  • Marielisa D 3 years ago

    Who has pump up?

  • Felipe94 3 years ago

    good job man, i have a question, do you have any loose skin after dropping the weigth? my body is fat is almost identical to yours when you were fat and im worry that after burn all that fat i get the loose skin. sorry for my bad english its not my native language

  • Henry Lopez Lopez 3 years ago

    Thank you so much bro, you are a true inspiration, a lot of people think that is impossible, but is not, you just have to push yourself a little bit more day by day and you will succeed, sorry for my typing, Im from cuba, and I've been living in the us for 4 years

  • ArgusT 3 years ago

    I have started my journey man! Been hitting the gym every day for 6 weeks now. it's a struggle sometimes, my worst enemy has been my mind. great motivation seeing this video. I started at 242 and am at 229 as of today. I mainly do 10 mins of cardio and roughly 45 mins of strength training! I plan to up the cardio time to 50 mins a day. awesome job man, I look forward to being where you are.

  • Asmaa Bee 3 years ago

    ireally loved this video , best luck for u

  • Nica Jones 3 years ago

    Hi I just wanted to say your words or very motivating I am starting a new weight loss  journey in my life just as well. You look really great congrats on your weight lose .  I liked your poem

  • Debra Seiling 3 years ago

    This is a very inspiring video that focuses on not ever giving up!

  • John Loman 3 years ago

    That video had so much impact, thank you for posting it. It made me realize that I can do this, even at my age. Ben, I believe we are put on this earth to make an impact on others, you have done that. Keep strong, never quit.

  • Drinko76 3 years ago

    From couch degenerate to athtlete. Keep up the hard work dude!

  • Mahmoud Nory 3 years ago

    This is the 4 time i watch this vidoe
    Man this videos hope me a lot
    Thank you for being motivation to me and ohter
    You are the best please man keep doin what you do bcz you are like legend to me
    Thank thank thank
    And again sorry for my English 

  • Mahmoud Nory 3 years ago

    You are legend man

  • mcdamani 3 years ago

    Congratulations! It must be a great feeling to come out of that binging phase. I've lost a total of 90lbs this far into my journey over 11 months and I think I'm in and out that same binging phase right now.

    Over the past month, I feel like I've been spinning my wheels in the mud. I would get down to a total weight loss of 95lbs before rgaining 10-12 lbs. After this, I would get back on the wagon and repeat the whole process again.

    I really appreciate the recent video you put out on the topic, I feel like noone else in the youtube fitness community talks about it. Please keep the videos coming!

    Moving forward, I'm going to decrease my caloric deficit from 25% to 15% below maintenance and take the cut more slowly. Do you have anymore advice for someone going through the same thing? Please let me know!

  • Joe Meissour 3 years ago

    so happy for you!

  • Jackson Meade 3 years ago

    Bruh you look like max theriot

  • mexkingshadow 3 years ago

    great video man but i got one question. how you dealt with loose skin?