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Welcome back to my YouTube channel!
Hey dolls! I am back with another video to motivate you all to break down the mental block that is holding you back from losing weight. I share 5 reasons why you should begin your journey to health now and join my 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge!

Official challenge hashtag: #SlimDownWithSue

Get those entries in and GOOD LUCK!
Sue xoxo

In this video, I will be revealing the FIRST thing I did to start my weight loss journey and lose 120 pounds in less than a year.

In this video, I breakdown what I ate to lose 120 pounds in a year and 8 steps to take for a successful weight loss journey.

In this video, I reveal how you can enter my 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge that officially starts on 29.04.15.

PLEASE NOTE: All entries must be in by 28.04.2015 to be considered for the prize. You can still the join the challenge after for motivation but will not qualify for the prize, so make sure you get your entries in on time.


It’s Not Over Until You Win – Les Brown:

Raise Your Standards & Change Your Rituals – Tony Robbins:

How To Build Willpower and Self Esteem – Robin Sharma:

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Weight Challenging Channel : vasu tvs

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  • Miss V 3 years ago

    Nah girl, they will create sugar tax instead of putting money into public service announcements…
    I agree with what you have to say and you're gorgeous!

  • XOTINA 3 years ago

    Thank you! So inspiring!

  • Sacha Brown 3 years ago

    Hey Sue! Love watching your journey. My friends and I have a question. Did you have any surgery for loose skin if you have any?

  • Natdahglyee 3 years ago

    Love your message on being any size but being healthy. It's what I believe as well and what I tell friends xx

  • Mamalila 3 years ago

    Also you look like kerry washington beautiful!!!

  • Erika Solis 3 years ago

    I can relate to what you said about your graduation story. I'm graduating college and went shopping for a dress and I just felt so bad about myself and it sucks because it's such a big accomplishment but I just don't fully feel like I accomplished my health goals:/

  • Victor PIÑERO 3 years ago

    You can buy it from this website I have been taking the Pure Garcinia Cambogia pills for eight weeks. I have lost 41 pounds so far. The pills I have been taking are completely safe to take. I have not had any side effects. WEIGHT LOSS MOTIVATION: MIND OVER MATTER

  • tzipi124 3 years ago

    Nayaa indo dheeraley, lol. Just a Jamaican chick trying to write a bit of Somali. Sue do you find that you obsess about everything that you eat?

  • radim hossain 3 years ago

    I have been taking Pure Garcinia Cambogia for 1 month. I have lost 29 pounds already. The pills do not have side effects they will help to control your hunger. I got mines from it only took 3 days for my pills to arrive in the mail when I ordered them.

  • Mali k 3 years ago

    your so sweet and i have pcos so its even harder for me to lose weight :/

  • lyfs TooShortBro 3 years ago

    Your Somalian aint yuh

  • Hodhen Liaden 3 years ago

    Defo Starting my weight loss Journey!
    defo will start today!
    Can i do much in a month!! Getting married in a month ,!!

  • SaharaLover2013 3 years ago

    Hi Sue,  Quick question for you about Lentils and Beans.  They are carbs.  What are your thoughts on them?  Did you consume Beans and Lentils during your weight loss journey? Also wanted to say CONGRATS!!  You look great!!

  • Heyy, are u somali

  • Jia Hilmi 3 years ago

    I already lost about 80 pounds, I'm still working out to loose more weight and build muscle, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • Ntshuxeko Tshirema 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for ur motivation, just started on monday and this tym i wont give up until I reach my goal. Mwaaaaah

  • Izza Song 3 years ago

    Word for word I agree with everything you said. I, myself been on a healthy life style journey I refuse to call it a diet lol for the past few years, and lost up to 70 pounds!! Honestly it was not easy but it was all worth it. Thank you for kindly sharing your stories with us Sue :)

  • NOSA IHAMA 3 years ago

    Thank you for this video. Am so in.
     I just started working out last week 3 times a week. This would be a good addition for me.

  • Shanea Nay Nay 3 years ago

    So inspiring 👏🏼😩❤️

  • Anonymous Abdul 3 years ago

    Sue! I appreciate you sharing your stories, and I feel like I can relate you especially coming from a Somali background you know how important it is to look "pretty for weddings, have a good job and be slim" but I used to dance and I fell into depression but I did not realise till I lost my passion for dancing and now I'm at uni and I'm finding myself again. So off topic but it's true, its REAL decision you have to make and you reminded me that I need to hurry up because I'm cautious about what I eat now and I enjoy eating healthy food! Especially fruits! I can't live without eating oranges haha

  • A.H H 3 years ago

    really good tips

  • Karthigha A 3 years ago

    Back round music is very anonymous…

  • Susi Bala 3 years ago

    Hi really your ideas and detailed explanation was fantastic. I am still trying to loose my weight only I lost6kg still I need to loose. Your video's are really helpful me. Thanks

  • Eugene joseph 3 years ago

    Good Transformation. Your transformation is motivation to others and me

  • michelle francis 3 years ago

    Hi vasu …all your videos are highly motivational…could you plz share your diet chart like what you have for breakfast ,lunch ,dinner and snacks and its portions …I think it would be of great help…Im struggling to lose 40 lbs …thank you

  • Sana Ravi 3 years ago

    Hello mam i saw all your you tube videos.Really impressed mam.Can you help me to lose weight.My height is 167cm and my weight is 90kg. Can you help to give me your diet as what you ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks too.Especially for dinner.Please help me mam.