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THIS WAS A RUFF FUCKING WEEK! | But with that said, I pushed hard and came back on top. Never let set backs, hold you back. Remember to push through and remind yourself what your goal is, and why you started in the first place. Use that to your advantage and push hard then you ever have before. Make sure to give this video a thumbs and subscribe for more content. I truly do love you guys so much.
– Mackenzie Marie xoxo


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​​​A bit of a personal video from me today, but I thought it would be helpful if I started this series off with a bit of my background with food/fitness! Leave me a comment down below if you found it useful as well as future video ideas relating to food/fitness!


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Tell me some of your tips + tricks that you use. Favourite apps? Favourite lunch ideas? Favourite gym clothes? Don’t forget to use the #healthybutton on Twitter/Instagram so we can all look through it for inspiration! So much love for

ON MY FACE: Laura Mercier Fluide Foundation, Hourglass Brow Sculpting Pencil, The Body Shop Honey Bronzer, Tarte Blush ‘Dollface’, Laura Mercier Cream Shadow ‘Alloy’, Benefit They’re Real Mascara, Bare Minerals Gloss ‘Hot Shot’, Sweaty Betty Top, Revlon Nail Polish ‘Up the Ante’.

Watch my last video here! It was a beauty/skincare haul!​​​

I’m Estee Lalonde and I hail from snowy Canada, but I now live in London, England! You can find me making weekly lifestyle and beauty videos on this channel…expect the occasional blathering tangent. Hit subscribe if you’re searching for easy makeup tutorials, cute outfit ideas, beauty product and makeup hauls, easy baking recipes and more!
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  • faith bejin 3 years ago

    Is then the week you and zack broke up

  • BeautyBabe2001 3 years ago

    Mackenzie could I ask you how you deal with bloating ? I mean once in a while your plates are full of food so how to you deal with it ?

  • NessLoves 3 years ago

    What is the smoothie recipe ? btw ily 😭❤️

  • juciy jordon 3 years ago

    do draw my life please

  • Lady Deadpool 3 years ago


  • StaceyBaby1231 3 years ago

    I hate vlogs but your vlogs are lit! I love watching them!

  • melanie dickson 3 years ago

    Dude, you're one of my favorite youtubers. I started a meal plan and joined LA fitness. You basically influenced me. I can relate to you. I cheated yesterday no lie, a bitch had icecream. Anyways, I love this. I'm always watching your fitness/regular videos and it gives me so much strength to push myself. You give me more motivation and don't worry girl Ive been cheating too. Thank you so much!! You'll get through your problems it's only temporary. I wish you well and best of luck.

  • next. picasso 3 years ago

    what happened ?

  • Jin's Happy Meal 3 years ago


  • Allyssa's pug life 3 years ago

    Your doing great 😊

  • Allyssa's pug life 3 years ago

    What do u use to edit your videos 😍

  • kimberly mira 3 years ago

    Is she still dating her boyfriend

  • Jasmine Palacios 3 years ago

    Can u give us a story time of wat happened last weak that was bad but if it's really personal than its OK! :) :(

  • Betty Peterson 3 years ago

    Hey Kenzie! I'm going to vidcon and I really wanted to know if I can see you there! I love you so much Kenzie!

  • lilly elizabeth 3 years ago

    u look stoned like all the time😂 o well

  • Sabrina Slavens 3 years ago

    You saw my comment last time and I was so so happy your videos are the best I love your fittnes vlogs keep doing them they make me smile Ilysm ❤️

  • Maddie Jean 〈3 3 years ago

    These vlogs make my want to workout!

  • Angelina 3 years ago

    how do you make the pizza a it looks so good?? Also so proud of you watching your vlogs made me want to start my own fitness journey im on week 4 and going strong!!! <3

  • Neima Sulz 3 years ago

    I love your videos your awesome <3 absolutely subscribing can't wait for more xx

  • Neima Sulz 3 years ago

    Love .. Love your videos plz reply back ❤️x

  • Krittika Tonapi 3 years ago

    This video is great on so many levels…I can totally relate to your journey and you have come a long are truly my spirit animal estee and your videos always manage to bring a smile on my face..😊

  • NutellaNatalie09 3 years ago

    This is genuinely a fantastic video. I relate so much to everything you say- I'm in a similar place to you when you were 19, I'm currently 18, and I've just started to go the gym a little and eat healthily. What you say about needing to feel loved and accepted so that you can work on yourself I think is so true. Just wanted to let you know how much I loved this vid actually made me quite emotional! Would love to see workout clothing haul, love you essie.

  • Sinead Crowe 3 years ago

    This is crazy that you felt that way at 8! My nephew is 7 and he keeps getting called fat by a girl at school and he's the skinnniest little thing – he keeps trying not to eat now!! It's terrible how early kids can be affected by this stuff!

  • Kendra Hobbs 3 years ago

    <3 <3 <3

  • Maddie Grace 3 years ago

    More #healthybutton videos please

  • Kayla Ash 3 years ago

    I just re-watched this video as inspo to get back on my fitness track. Thank you, Estée!

  • Sam Smith 3 years ago

    This is such a beautiful video! Thanks for sharing your story about your weight.

  • Laura Evans 3 years ago

    Thank you for posting this personal video Estée; hearing about your story was both humbling and inspiring. I know you get loads of comments and might not read this, but thank you for giving me hope this morning-I am recovering from anorexia and an eating disorder and hearing your positive, balanced outlook on food and exercise has helped me to start the day right :). Your beauty videos are also helping me to embrace my body, treat myself with care and love, rather than viewing my body as a battleground and something to be ashamed of. Thank you 😊🙌👏

  • saylorsoul 3 years ago

    same exact reason why i lost weight estee!

  • sophie horan 3 years ago

    Loved this video, you are such a lovely human being! Thank you for opening up in this way Essie, it really means something for people like me to see how things can actually work out in a positive way. I'm almost 18, but I have been living basically my all life struggling with my weight. I was obese and my weight was almost a quintal, but I lost 33 kilos two years ago. I recently put almost 20 kilos back on again, and it's not been easy for me. The hardest thing is to live with this problem day by day and sometimes I feel really discouraged, but I really felt positive watching this video, so thank you so much! :) Lots of love <3

  • Jana Ville 3 years ago

    It must be a pain to wash that straw though

  • Seliem Boekediem 3 years ago

    Love this! And love your humor and personality! 😂

  • Camille Viernes 3 years ago

    I love watching your videos. Hahaha its inspiring me to take care more of my body. <3 😀 thanks a lot Essie! :D

  • Jimena Salas Ugarte 3 years ago

    Hey! You are SO nice! I somehow know about that kind of 'I am not very thin, I don't like how I look' feeling. And maybe everygirl shares that feeling. Media is always telling us we should be SO skinny and we all asume we should look like the girls on the magazines ebenthough we know they've been photoshoped! It's crazy!
    Your testimonial was great! You are someone I like SO much! And I think I'm not the only one.

  • Nikkole Macdonald 3 years ago

    I would love a gym wear haul! I find it hard to find nice gym clothes that are affordable.
    I have recently started attending the gym & trying to make healthier choices too. I'm petite and struggled to put on weight so I stayed away from the gym however since I started I have gained 2 stone mostly muscle & I can't fit into jeans as my body's changed so much I'm in between two sizes. I actually feel terrible about myself now were as before I started eating healthier & exercising my body actually looked better (strange right?). Your right it is a daily struggle trying to work out what works best for you that's what I'm going through at the moment. I try to make most things from scratch & I have been exercising & i'm a hairdresser so I'm on my feet all day so I don't know where I'm going wrong! Anyone any help? 😕

  • theano kontopyraki 3 years ago

    More inspirational video from you please, an update maybe ?

  • Merluis souder 3 years ago

    You're just the best 

  • Dashama 3 years ago

    Loved your video!

    Blessings and Love,

  • LittlePinkRoses 3 years ago

    You have such a healthy outlook on food and fitness. More girls should adopt this mindset. Thanks for your videos!

  • susie g. 3 years ago

    This is so great Essie! Loved hearing your story and health journey :)