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Vegan Miracle Weight loss pill

This video is about my vegan weight loss journey. Follow me on Instagram for meal prep ideas and more

I’m already pulling tricks. I’m gonna be great at YouTube. Oh hey there.
First of all if anybody tells you that there’s a miracle weight loss pill. They are lying to you. I’m just saying.
So since I want vegan, I’ve lots of friends check in and say OMG Wandoo I’m sure you are so skinny now. Can we see pictures? And I’m like. . .

Seriously though I’ve lost a ton of weight before in the first year that I went vegan, cos I was eating a whole plant foods like brown rice, lots of kale. Lots of healthy carbs. And I wasn’t eating oils. Very low fat. Even the healthy fat like avocado, nuts, seeds. They are good fat, but the fat you eat is the fat you wear. So I lost a ton of weight and then I discovered vegan cheese. Damn you vegan cheese.
OMG Anyway I figured that since there’s an obvious interest in veganism for whatever reason, in this case weight loss. They’ll come for weight loss and stay for the animal win win situation

So since there’s all this interest, I’m going to start a YouTube channel. There are so many YouTubers out there. Bless them. They do such a fantastic job. People like Durianrider, Freeleethebananagirl, Fullyrawkristina, High Carb Hannah and Mommy Tang and Jon Venus. Omg. Love them. Those people do a fantastic job, but I feel like everyone should be on YouTube because everybody has a niche demographic only then can reach. So I figured I would start a YouTube channel and since there’s this big focus on weight I’m going to be documenting my weight loss journey. So without further adieu ladies and gentlemen I will be announcing my 100 day weight loss challenge. YASSSSSS

Ok so these coming 100 days I’m not going to eat any oils and I’ll be eating whole plant foods like sweet potatoes, kale and brown rice. I’m not going to be counting calories because we ain’t about that life. You eat till you are satiated, you exercise. You know, do the right thing. And you will lose the weight.
I feel my best when I’m eating whole plant foods with very low fat. I feel like everybody would benefit from this lifestyle but you can watch my progress and decide for yourself. This isn’t just about weight loss it’s about making an impact for the environment the animals and when you eat great you feel better about yourself and things in general. I hope you’ll come on this journey with me. Because it’s our journey not my journey. It’s going to be awesome guys. I’ll be doing vegan recipe videos, work out videos, the occasional vlog. Please subscribe, like and share with your friends. This is Wandoo @VegansofNigeria

And until next time it’s about that life. That whole plant food based life.
2 more things.
If you don’t have this shirt, veganfoodshare, you are not vegan you are plant based. Also the recipe for this amazing smoothie aka the elixir of life will be available in my next video.

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