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Props can be used to make getting into standing poses easier. Rather than having to bend the spine (for example) in order to reach the floor, a prop like a chair or a set of yoga blocks allows you to support your upper body using your arms without having to bend the spine.
Using props you can practice gradually reducing arm support while at the same time strengthening the legs and opening the chest.
You may find that with your legs strong in the propped position you can then work from there to go deeper into the forward bend.

This video includes
:34 triangle forward bend (parsvottanasana),
13:10 triangle pose (utthitta trikonasana),
20:34 Switching sides (when using blocks)
22:07 side angle (parsvokonasana) and
24:48 half moon (ardha chandrasana)
and how to work towards the full version of each of these standing yoga poses by using props like a chair or set of yoga blocks intelligently.
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