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When 34-year-old twins Mary and Ruth appeared on The Oprah Show in 2005, Mary was 300 pounds heavier than her sister. While Mary said she always felt like “the fat twin,” Ruth obsessed over her own weight and battled eating disorders. During the show, Ruth admitted to being embarrassed by her sister’s overeating, and Mary’s son shared his concerns about his mother’s weight. Then, six years later, a devastating tragedy ultimately pushed Mary to take control of her health. Watch her emotional update.

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The Tragedy That Motivated One Woman to Lose Weight | Where Are They Now? | Oprah Winfrey Network

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  • QeCy WineDoll 3 years ago

    why need to dieeeee

  • It's just sad that losing her son is what it took to open her eyes

  • Samaire 3 years ago

    So brave.

  • Christopher Shuler 3 years ago

    Her son died, wow. Wasn't expecting that.

  • justkhail 3 years ago


  • Edith Ann 3 years ago

    Pathetic. I wonder if there is a hormonal problem. That is so unusual for identical twins ie to be so different in size. But the the skinny sister is bulemia and anorexic . That's eating disorders too!! Both are sick gastrically. I feel bad about the son.

  • Andreea F 3 years ago

    Her son was afraid of losing her, but eventually he was the one who died ….. how cruel life can get :(

  • Kearbear Bear 3 years ago

    this is so sad but also upsetting finally took her to lose the weight when her son died that was she needed that's disappointing she should have done it when he was still alive

  • Shelly P. B. 3 years ago

    I am sorry for your loss. I am also so proud of you it took amazing strength to go on as he would want you to do. :)

  • If I may: I believe Ruth (the slim sister) was not rude and didn't say all she said because she wanted to humiliate Mary (the bigger sister).
    It's is a psychological fact, that when you care about someone/something but you see someone/something is hurting you/ your relation / themselves, you are actually more emotionally attached, you take things more emotionally, and you express yourself in a more emotional, frustrated and even angrier way.
    She loved and loves her sister, and she couldn't believe Mary was doing "THIS" to herself. She took it emotionally. Not to mention she didn't want to look the same, she was affected by it mentally and physically, as she suffered from anorexia and bulimia herself. She (Ruth) loved her, and in some aspects she hated the situation. Not the sister. But her (Mary's) behaviour that was endangering her own life and health, as well as the life of her whole family (Ruth included).
    People don't say harsh and "impolite" things if they don't care anymore. They are not emotionally involved, they just chill out about something, don't bear any negative feelings about something, so they give up and stop complaining, suggesting, making remarks of any kind. This is how we behave, think of yourselves, how you treat your childer, friends, family members – everybody is like "dad, stop making me embarrassed in front of my friends", "child, stop acting like that in a public place, what are you doing? behave yourself, you bring shame on us" etc. etc.
    don't judge and be honest with yourselves…

  • salozmen29 3 years ago

    That poor chair………..

  • A Emery 3 years ago

    He saved her life when he lost his. 💞

  • Humpsterlicious 3 years ago

    She's still fat, The only thing she is losing is her son, LOL

  • jedimomma 3 years ago

    my heart breaks for her in the loss of her baby. im glad for her though that she used that pain and greif and turned her life around

  • Ladi Hawke 3 years ago

    Just broke my heart about her son!! So glad she's getting healthy!

  • Lana Reyes 3 years ago

    I fell so bad😔😪😪😪😪😢

  • lola bigcups 3 years ago

    Their weight issues are a direct result of the mom picking one twin over the other. Life is already hard but it is unbearable for a woman when her own mother thinks shes ugly.

  • Ghost Greek Gamer 3 years ago

    Pounds goodbuy.Hello bad hair for both of them.

  • Phinix 3 years ago

    Now Mary looks better than her sister…

  • One1973CeCe 3 years ago

    I feel bad for her.