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Avery Watts – A Cut Above Remix
Hollywood Undead and Fort Minor – Remember the Name Hear me now
Linkin Park – One Step Closer
55 Escape – Liez
Cult to Follow – Perfect
Misconduct – Just A Second
Blur – Song 2
Foo Fighters – The Pretender
Sum 41 – Over My Head Better Off Dead
55 Escape – Addiction
Limp Bizkit – Rollin
Simon Says – Hey You
Linkin Park – A Place For My Head
Skillet – Monster
55 Escape – Wake Up
Rise Against – Tip the Scales
Breaking Benjamin – The Diary Of Jane
Pillar – Frontline
Linkin Park – Crawling
Billy Talent – Turn Your Back With Anti Flag
Killswitch Engage – The End of Heartache (resident evil version)
Shinedown – Diamond Eyes Boom Lay Boom Lay Boom
55 Escape – Another Me
Limp Bizkit VS Linkin Park – Nookie (DJ Metal MashUp)
Sum 41 – Still Waiting
Skillet – Whispers In The Dark
Linkin Park – Papercut
Limp Bizkit – Ready To Go (Without Lil Wayne)
Hollywood Undead – Day Of The Dead
Egypt Central – Over and Under
Sick Puppies – War
55 Escape – Denied
Sum 41 – Motivation
Sonic Syndicate – Denied
The Unguided – Phoenix Down (Zardonic Remix)
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  • Febri Aribowo 3 years ago

    mboh ora ngerti, yg penting asik.

  • Tio Vergas Vikingas 3 years ago

    Me gusto al chile para inyectarme esteroides perros!!!!

  • Sioma Aesthetics 3 years ago

    amazing mix :)

  • Java Lemos 3 years ago

    the most fucking good music i,ve heard long time ago

  • perfect for sleep

  • Teruyo “Flocc” AkaFlocc 3 years ago


  • Jan Cabal 3 years ago

    If this music is rock, then I like German Folk music apparently ..

  • RazorSharp 3 years ago


    For my own usage xD
    Needed a replay button.

  • Jesus Castro 3 years ago

    great music time for Beast Mode! !

  • Jesus Castro 3 years ago

    great music time for Beast Mode! !

  • SadDraGon HS 3 years ago

    Hollywood Undead <3

  • David Drown 3 years ago

    The lyrics in the beginning are grade school material! 😂

  • Aatif Naeem 3 years ago

    Gr8! The third track got me banned from the gym.

  • Biotic Horizon 3 years ago


  • Im The NSA Spy 3 years ago

    Dayum man, your freaking mixes are the hottness!!!U gtmy abo for sure. Keep up the good work!!

  • Jordi Mosqueda 3 years ago


  • procyon perseus 3 years ago

    perfect ı lıke ıt

  • Vladi Vasilev 3 years ago

    insane mix

  • David G 3 years ago

    steroids music

  • Sergio lopez 3 years ago

    a few songs are kewl… like 3 I downloaded Thanks

  • WWThomahawkWW 3 years ago

    Bruh… where is the tracklist?

  • Less talking,more action ! 3 years ago

    Srsly bro, u didn't include the track-list? ….

  • H.A.L. 9000 3 years ago

    Wow this is so weak. A worm with torrets could be more hard than this lame ass track. please wake up and stop eating pretty princes cakes before making these weak ass tracks dog. When I wake up and after I am done drinking my raw eggs I will make sure to use this track as somthing to keep my kids asleep. This seems like it was made by a flamboyant British person. For real one day the dark lord will rise and kill all this little baby music. No disrespect but your a disgusting fucking maggot and if I ever meet you I wont hesitate to stomp you.

  • Ripped Diced 3 years ago

    good shit keep it man!!

  • TheMentorski 3 years ago

    track list??!!

  • Wala Sanderley 3 years ago

    foda, gostei!!!

  • PanserHD 3 years ago

    song list