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My Body Transformation which shows a Realistic Natural Transformation which I have accomplished in around 4,5 years of Lifting Weights and Dieting properly. From 16 years old to 20 years old as I currently am. Started at 60-65 KG and currently weighin 82 KG

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  • Tenshi 3 years ago

    Your 2 years transformation is pretty much me after 7 month. I dont even go to the gym, i just workout at home with bars and stuff

  • ChinLong 3 years ago

    2:24 im now a little bit shmore shreddit xD

  • Francesco Lausi 3 years ago

    Only natural??

  • YOUR MAJ3STY Nick 3 years ago

    i want to bulk but i just dont know how to cut very well

  • Missaglia Auditore 3 years ago

    does not look like natural transformation for me…

  • urcommonnegroid 3 years ago

    great job but the people you put as examples of body transformations are all known steroid users…

  • mikemilks 3 years ago

    Love reading all these comments about people who think they could do better yet their still out of shape. Great video dude.

  • Timothy Malmborg 3 years ago

    Just saying, your definition of "bulk" is not even close to what a real bulk look like :P

  • OMG! Finally a legit guy!
    I am very proud of you! :D

  • Alejandro Cuesta 3 years ago

    How tall are u?

  • InsaneCyril 3 years ago

    There's way more to achieve without steroids in 4 years. Believe me ^^

  • Thomas van Beek 3 years ago

    w8! Nederlander??

  • The reason why people re afraid of bulking for a long period is because most of them (me included) are starting from a fat or chubby physique. As example i was chubby when i startet working out. Now after 2,5 years I'am ripped and put on a high amount of lean muscle mass without bulking and i'am defenetly NOT bulking or even thinking about eating 4000 calories a day! it all depends on what kind of body type you have! I think telling your community what you should bulk for 3 years just because it worked for you is completely wrong!! if i would bulk for 3 years i would have a body fat percentage of 30 or something like that! be careful of what you say when you have such a big community!

  • Balázs Menyhárt 3 years ago

    This is very motivational bro!

  • We Peace 3 years ago

    Genes is all. I've some good ass genes so in 1 year i can get not like that, but much better

  • Miroslav Krastanov 3 years ago can anyone tell me the name of this mix… Its so motivating to listen to this and watching this great progress! Respect! and pls this song turns on my BEAST MODE :)

  • Der Da 3 years ago

    but still chicken legs lol

  • Phu Le 3 years ago

    you're gains in 3 years i've made in half that time… something about your training was far from optimal lol…..

  • wow really great job! was just wondering how tall you were?!

  • TheBlacklag 3 years ago

    Hey i noticed the strech marks on your shoulders i habe the same problem but mine are still pink(ish) how long did it take for you till they got less pink ?