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This is a brief highlight of the book “Home Based Tax Savings Made Easy – by Dr. Ron Mueller.” For full details, we recommend you get the book and talk to an accountant that is well versed in home-based tax deductions.

None of these tax deductions will work unless you have a home based business. Everyone knows that most people have a cell phone, and people pay a bill for that cell phone every month. Some people get paid on 1,000’s of cell phone bills every month.

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Home Based Tax Savings Made Easy Book

Free Printable Mileage Logs

Mile Bug App

Disclaimer: This media is intended to provide information in regards to the subject matter covered. All information contained in this video is deemed for education; however, since tax laws are subject to change and reinterpretation on a continuing basis, the publisher and editor take no responsibility for the legal or tax implications of using information contained herein. The viewer is advised to obtain advice and consulting from a certified tax professional who is a seasoned expert in home-business tax-law.

How To Do A Dumbbell Decline Bench Press

Exercise Info

Type: Strength, Muscular Development
Emphasis: Upper Chest
Primary Muscle Worked: Chest (pectoralis major)
Accessory Muscles: Shoulders, Triceps
Equipment: Dumbbells, Adjustable Bench
Level: Beginner

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