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Video 1- “Opening Up The Voice”

Welcome – 00:00

I’ve been so busy, but FINALLY I’ve managed to produce an updated online warmup. Learn how to get the most of it by watching the “Welcome” section.

Introduction – 2:46 “Body Warmup”

By learning to wake up the proper torso muscles, neck/throat tension can be greatly reduced. Learn more about the benefits in this section.

Coordination & Conditioning – 4:13 “Releasing/Awakening The Power Muscles”

Coordination and Conditioning are one and the same for this lesson. Simply follow along with me, performing each action as I explain it.

My suggestions:

1) Do this (Yes, all 4 parts) EVERY day. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of some of the exercises; each one is IMPORTANT 😀

2) For your first week, watch both the Coordination and Conditioning sections of each video, to ensure proper form. You’ll get much more benefit from 5 minutes of quality practice than you would from 30 minutes of unfocused practice.
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