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Watch as Parents shows you the best abs exercises in pregnancy workouts! Oftentimes, women can be concerned about doing ab exercises while pregnant, as they think of them as possibly harmful to the baby. Research has found that unless you have diastasis recti, or the splitting of the ab, you should be able to do ab exercises once you’ve gotten the ok from your doctor. The setup for these pregnancy workouts is extremely important because as you start to get heavier during your third trimester, you don’t want to put unnecessary stress on your organs. Prop yourself up with a pillow and stay elevated on your elbows to alleviate any stress. The first ab exercise during pregnancy consists of heel slides. Contract your ab muscles and alternate sliding one knee to the ground and back up. Although this may seem like a simple exercise, over time, you’ll begin to notice your core becoming more conditioned. The second workout is a bit more challenging as you use your core to hold your legs off the ground. Alternate dropping your heels to the ground slowly as you complete 15 to 20 repetitions of this exercise for pregnant women. Stay in that same position to move onto the next pregnant exercise that will challenge your abs even more. Take time with your form to drop both heels to the ground at the same time, inhaling and exhaling as you lower and raise your heels. Since this exercise is a bit more difficult, only do ten to 12 reps. Try doing these pregnancy workouts two to three times a week to keep your core strong as you prepare for labor. Finding the right way to exercise during pregnancy can be difficult, but these abs exercises make conditioning possible!

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