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Having trouble getting that fire and motivation to consistently train or workout?

Having trouble finding the time?

Do you find this lack of drive costing you with your fitness goals?

To the point where the more you start to slip, gaining fat, losing strength gains the less motivated you feel?

In this video we share with you 1 huge tip you can implement to motivate yourself train consistently and get those gains we want.

This tip is simple and once you implement it, going to work out and train will seem effortless. You will be training and seeing that weight loss or strength gains with out even thinking about it.

tapp brothers

Best Hip Hop Motivation Workout Music 2016 – MEGACollection:
00:00 BLANK – Ridah For Life (Prod. by Scady)
04:11 BLANK ft. Philosofy & Atikin – You Wanna See Me (Prod. by Kudosbeats)
08:06 BLANK – Aggressive
11:28 BLANK – Mic Check Part 1 (Produced by Eminem Instrumental)
16:50 BLANK – Im A Villain
19:06 BLANK – Im Not Like You
22:54 BLANK – Try To Top Me Off (Prod. by Scady)
27:10 BLANK – Get Up
30:34 BLANK – On My Own (Produced by Shorty)
34:47 Ist Sam ft. BLANK – По местам (Produced by Kudosbeats)
38:49 BLANK aka Брукс БЛАНК – Буря В Стакане (
41:02 BLANK – I Gotta Kill Them
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  • The UndeadHead 3 years ago

    What if there are no people that are good

  • Sachidanand Sharma 3 years ago

    Hi, I am 24 years old and a bit overweigh guy. how should i start with being fit learning parkour.

  • GamingFan 3 years ago

    i dknt have any good friends,all of them are stuid they eag burgers everhday so gross,they dont know whag is sport :(

  • Richard Foster 3 years ago

    Your post's are normally good, this one too! Thanks your making the world a healthier & better place !

  • FreedomFactionArtur 3 years ago

    Are you guys only starting out in BJJ ?

  • Jeremiah Lastic 3 years ago


  • Mr pox 3 years ago

    try some nos

  • Jacob Van Dyk 3 years ago

    hey i cant get my kongs cuz i cant pull my feet up and over eney help

  • John Loobey 3 years ago

    hope to use the face book tip,at home my wife,kids are agents a lot of what i do.Men like you and other are my suport,in the face of opposition,Thanks!Training for ninja warriors,at 64,check me out "the geriatric ninja"Love the health benefits of an active life,and being the old dud in good shape,also injoy teaching marshal arts to young people.

  • GIGABTYE 3 years ago

    Put speed to 2.0…xD

  • kalapufye ngenomesho 3 years ago

    had lost of trouble with motivation but now its solved, John, dude the hair, how about you get a fade, just try it, a fade!!!!!

  • Skyler Listeneflt 3 years ago

    I'm not much of a parkourist my self but thanks I really need the exercise

  • Mish SWB 3 years ago

    Great advice boys. Circle of influence is really important.

  • Bad Bulbasaur 3 years ago

    Should a fat person eat carbs in the morning

  • Rana Ahsan Javed 3 years ago

    u can make a video on how to loss man boobs

  • jaytei2 3 years ago

    Thank you fellas. You are inspiring me to workout again. Yours are the only workout videos I watch at the moment, as yours works the science, and I get that. Cheers

  • Awwesomemoment 3 years ago

    you will never meet success without failure

  • Muana Arsenal 3 years ago

    I have good muscles and can handle many weights by i can't handle my own Weight , can u help me? I really need this for practice.

  • Chloe Mckeown 3 years ago

    im starting off I parkour and im learning how to roll tho when I do I keep hitting my knee, any tips of how to avoid it.

  • Sarieh Mohd 3 years ago

    watching youtube channels just like yours give me motivation ☺
    thanks alot guys

  • Sebastiao Mateus 3 years ago


  • Haythem Zaghmouri 3 years ago


  • Dieggo _ 3 years ago


  • Alex Padolina 3 years ago

    much better if video is put…

  • matt leopold 3 years ago

    these guys fucking suck

  • Honda HayatOnda 3 years ago

    39:00 whats the name of this song pls?

  • Vimal Joshi 3 years ago

    Awesome collection

  • Bambino Exmortins 3 years ago


  • Pareek Nikhil 3 years ago

    grt song bro playing at ma gym everyday 😉 Make more videos waiting ;)

  • Héber Mota 3 years ago

    Quando o corpo não aguenta, a moral te sustenta !!!

  • Carlos Zuñiga 3 years ago

    muy bueno

  • Panda The Asian Bear 3 years ago


  • Santiago Honorio 3 years ago

    name of the song 14:00?????

  • ‫مصطفى الكرستالي‬‎ 3 years ago

    كام يكفر

  • Zsolt Parti 3 years ago


  • dz cs fragger 3 years ago

    So much BLANK well 100 % BLANK it's good but i prefer when there's various artists

  • young villiano 3 years ago

    7:20 this guy goes hard cuhz

  • Onur Er 3 years ago

    17.10 ???????????

  • harvinder singh 3 years ago

    like it :

  • steven Navarra 3 years ago

    little bit of Eminem influence