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Heed all disclaimers! This wasn’t the easiest of a video to do…no one likes talking about their own imperfections but hopefully you guys can see that Im not immune to gaining weight. I know I wasnt *heavy* but I knew I could be better. Its not about being skinny, its about being the very best version of yourself that you can possibly be. And for me (personally) thats not really skinny- i think I looked like an emaciated lollipop in that photo.

Dont give up! It takes awhile to figure out what works and what doesnt for you. Its frustrating at times but just enjoy the journey and be proud of how far youve come :)

PS. I really cant give a good answer to generic work out questions. These kind of videos always spark a flurry of “I want to lose weight what should I do?” type of questions. Theres no secret- eat clean, stay active, drink water and lots of rest!

I have videos already detailing my meals- but I do eat out and eat what I want on weekends (minus breakfast which I keep clean)
Healthy meal examples

Saving money of healthy groceries

How to stick to your weight loss and fitness goals

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  • Sia Chang 3 years ago

    your weight loss journey all together until you made this video, how long?

  • Judy Rogers 3 years ago

    by the way you look amazing now. :)

  • Judy Rogers 3 years ago

    quick question, on your interval training how long do you sprint and walk and what pace on the treadmill?

  • Daria David 3 years ago

    i'm trying to lose 15 pounds by summer time. i hope i can do it. thanks so much for sharing this journey with us!

  • Mszjackiechu 3 years ago

    Thank you :)

  • Team Riff 3 years ago

    your videos are great! glad i subscribed =)

  • Mszjackiechu 3 years ago

    Generally speaking- being heavier does make you look older. Most people will notice that they will look significantly younger after losing a large amount of weight. This is a poor example but I remember MTV had a series called "I used to be fat"- the kids would drop 100 pounds or so in a summer (with a personal trainer EVERY day for hours) and look significantly different and usually more youthful

  • Mszjackiechu 3 years ago

    I feel like there has to be something wrong here- either with your diet or your body. Salads like cesar etc are really not healthy, and also if youre not balancing your meals then your body can actually hold on to weight.

    And your metabolism naturally changes as you age, if your diet really is sound then id get your thyroid checked or speak to your doctor- there could be some underlying medical issues with your thyroid, pancreas, insulin levels etc

  • Mszjackiechu 3 years ago

    It can make you build muscle yes, but BIG thick leg muscle and calves are more of a sprinting thing. Unless youre genetically prone to growing thick muscle, I wouldnt worry about it

  • Mszjackiechu 3 years ago

    Hi Indigo- not that I know of :/ I still think my shoulders are really wide from swimming and theres nothing I heard of that can fix that. But I've never heard of this from karate, so thats very interesting. Its usually a swimming/water polo problem. Pull ups and similar exercises also widen out the back (but this is usually done on purpose so eh)

  • Mszjackiechu 3 years ago

    Hi piggly! I think some women DO get bulky, like you I can build pretty thick muscle. Of course its not common- but in the same way some men have a hard time bulking up. Its ultimately all genetics so yes EXCEPT when I squat I do all light weight low reps

  • Mszjackiechu 3 years ago

    Hi tahreem, there are stores that exist that sell second hand gym equipment. Maybe check that out :)? Or even buy it from Costco- they have a pretty good policy for all their equipment

  • Mszjackiechu 3 years ago

    But i agree that women shouldnt be afraid to lift, but I dont think most women need something like protein shakes. And I *personally* never could get full of of liquid food supplements anyway

  • Mszjackiechu 3 years ago

    I DO think that many women dont get enough protein- but there are some that get too much in the never ending quest to get lean. And some women do bulk up- usually the ones who have a slower metabolism to begin with. Bringing in TOO much protein can be hard on the body (kidneys) and women dont need nearly as much as men do

    And honestly most women arent lifting hard enough to need something like supplements- the extra protein could really make them gain more weight if anything

  • tekla muny 3 years ago

    wow you are awesome, so honest and lovely! thanks for sharing your experience it is very helpful! :)

  • Georgia Andrea 3 years ago

    Hi. May I ask, I'm not sure if this theory is true or not but I noticed that I may have looked older because I am overweight at the moment and people say that I looked 3,4 years older than my age. Not sure whether I have that mature look or it's because I'm just fat :(

  • Sunny Lee 3 years ago

    My friends, family and I use protien shakes. You have to pick one out that leans more towards women (ex. lean shake). It's low in calorie for the amount of protien that's in it.
    It's a myth that you'll get "bulky", it's basically eating a piece of chicken but easier to make and a lot of flavor options!!
    Also, don't be afraid to lift weights. The more muscle that you're body has, the more calories you burn in a day to day basis.
    I learned this from research and friends who major in nutrition.

  • EricaMorgan 3 years ago

    Seems like we all gain weight in college! That is my problem right now. I get so busy with school that I just eat whatever so I'm not hungry and can get back to what I'm doing. I really love when you do these fitness/weightloss videos. It gives me a lot of ideas of things to do to lose the weight so thank you!

  • DiorAdri 3 years ago

    I've heard so many times that running (esp on treadmills) makes your thighs & calves bigger over time.. is that true?