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WORKOUT Motivation. Various Training & Sports. Calisthenics, Powerlifting, Gymnastics, Plyometrics, Weight Training… and so on. Your Training and YOUR Journey. Train what you like and where you want!
Hope to inspire to enjoy working out and to train hard. Keep going and never give up.

Variations of dips, pull ups, push ups, handstand push ups / handstands. Human flag, Dragon flags…
Variations of jumps, squats, deadlifts, chest & bench press etc.
Training in the gym, home, park, nature, street etc. There are A LOT of possibilites to train! Find your style and go get it!

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Calisthenics & Plyometrics: POWER & SPEED:

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Calisthenics & Weight Training
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  • Candy Licious 3 years ago

    because your story and excerise. I lost alot of weight and want to live healthy. not just for my self but for my kids and hubby .and thank you for that

  • EllaSnow 3 years ago

    My motivation is staying fit to play sports.

  • ODVenture 3 years ago

    Thank you for your willingness to motivate others. I am 100 pounds overweight and my health has begun to suffer. Depression is the root cause. I have no support system. Few friends, failing marriage; but I do have young ones, they are the reason I want to increase my quality of life. I'll be following you for more motivation. Thank you!

  • Caitlin McKie 3 years ago

    I have to say my motivation is to not become lazy and unfit and unhealthy when I'm older. My mum (even though I love her very much 😝) is all those things and I've witnessed what that has done to her mental health. I don't want to be unhealthy and grumpy all the time when I'm older, I want to be healthy and happy!

  • Mystery Fro 3 years ago

    I started a health and fitness journey three weeks ago and the reason I started is because I wanted to lose weight. But honestly after a week and a half of following one of your programme's I found myself craving to workout everyday. For the simple fact that I love the feeling of accomplishment I feel when that workout complete comes on the screen. Also I love the fact that I can walk up a flight of stairs now and not feel like I'm dying. I have anxiety and hypothyroidism so in the past both of those things would demotivate me once I got started. Either it's I'm not seeing results because of my thyroid or my anxieties get in the way. But now just simply thinking about how good I feel after working out, makes me get up and do it.

  • Brooke F 3 years ago

    When I first started out losing weight about 3 years ago. That's all I wanted. I wanted to see that low number on the scale and needless to say The lowest I got was 103 and I was way too thin. I would only eat 2 meals a day. count calories. You know the rest.

    That was my motivation back then.

    And now I just wanna feel good, I wanna be healthy. I'm better now then I use to be. I've been working out with you both for 3 years. And I cannot thank you enough <3

  • Florence Leduc 3 years ago

    One of my motivations is if I ever get stranded on an island, I'd like to be fit enough to survive (by running away from a very angry flock of monkeys, for instance) 😂

  • Hanna Keinan 3 years ago

    My reason for working out and eating healthy (both are odd in my community) is the same as yours Kelli. I'm a medical student and I think the biggest contradiction would be to promote health and longevity to people but neglect myself. But I have struggled with chronic anemia for a few years now, it's up and down and I live in Egypt. I'm pretty sure food has little to little to no nutrition here. I eat relatively clean and take iron supplements but I'm still anemic! When it gets really bad, my fingernails start to turn greenish and fall off. But other then that, I don't get other symptoms such as fatigue, bone aches, dizziness etc. Does anyone know any other ways to raise iron levels?

  • nichole long 3 years ago

    Thank you so much Kelli! I needed to hear this! I have SEVERE GERD. So bad that it causes chronic stomach ulcers, which causes severe anemia and all together it makes me feel absolutely terrible. Working out is never a problem for me thanks to you guys. I've been using your programs for 2 years and have lost about 40 lbs which has greatly improved my quality of life. But the motivation to eat right is a challenge. I'm learning that instead of taking 6 different medications every day, eating clean makes me feel the best. I will use this video as a sort of slap of the face every time I wanna eat junk. Thanks for sharing your story!!

  • Carlota Khan 3 years ago

    True & heartfelt. Thanks for all you do to motivate ordinary ppl. such as I. I shared this in FB.

  • TKay64 3 years ago

    Need this right now. Thanks Kelly! :)

  • assie 256 3 years ago

    Having piles from chronic constipation complications sacks. So my motivation equation is Exercise/healthy eating + Good sleep = Effortless number two.(so I dont get surgery) If I miss any of these, im constipated again. That's why I exercise and eat healthy.

  • John Gardner 3 years ago

    Never was a higher truth put into a fitness video Kelli. Heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancer kill hundreds of thousands of people every year. I am waiting right now, after working out and eating right for the last three months, to get the triglycerides results from my blood test I took earlier this week…..I am actually a little nervous….

  • Kathrin Legorreta 3 years ago

    I never thought as myself being a person who works out regularly, but once I got to your channel and gave it a try, I really liked each video, I love that you don't want us to just be slim, it's your way of talking in every video that kept me going. I now exercise at least 5 times a week, at least a relaxing routine, and eat as clean as I can, now I feel way better (I also lost almost 8kg).
    Recently my aunt died from cancer and got drugs to calm my stress and blood pressure, I didn't felt like doing that and searched another way to be healthy. Your workouts gave me the motivation to start giving myself the best life I could; and you guys make it so much easier, and even fun.
    Thanks for having this channel and being such an inspiration.
    (Also, I'm not the kind of person who leaves comments in youtube or stuff, but I had to say this)

  • Juan Perotti 3 years ago

    i really see a change in your body Kelli, more strong or hard seriously your shoulders and legs too thats a good reason to motivate women lol Daniel shoulders too its awesome the workout videos i really see changes and daniel its not a bodybuilder thats my goal, not too much muscle but hard!

  • Filip Šorli 3 years ago

    hey, good point :D

  • Regina Valcazar 3 years ago

    I can hear your passion! When I talk about something I'm passionate about I almost cry and I feel like you feel so strongly about your "WHY" (as in why you workout). I love your why and feel I need to change mine as well. 😄

  • Nelson At The Helm 3 years ago

    Yes! I love this!!! :) I also have a chronic illness that my doctor said could not be helped. through diet and excercise, I can live pain free against the odds! :) I post daily recipes and motivation on my instagram @ahealthykindofbeautiful Thanks, Kelli & Daniel, for the work you are doing and the message you're spreading. it's so needed!

  • Kristina S 3 years ago

    Is it pointless to work out when the economy is bad and we can't afford clean and healthy food? Should I wait until we have the money, so that I can eat healthy first? I really want to work out again and become healthy. But we can't afford anything… And my bf hates all kinds of healthy food as well.

  • Love Light TV 3 years ago

    I want to get strong enough to open a jar of olives without feeling like I'm gonna pass out afterwards.

  • Jake dilworth 3 years ago

    How long did it take to master that human flag? 😵

  • Ave Athleta 3 years ago

    All this training looks so fun.

  • Allan Ramaroson 3 years ago

    Go to strength wars because you would destroy man!!!

  • kaleb19_9 3 years ago

    I knew he was Swedish

  • Just Fitness 3 years ago

    hell yeah bro 💪💪

  • Lucas Sköld 3 years ago

    Fick mig å börja träna igen efter långt uppehåll från all gym träning! Grym video! Bra inspiration! Tack

  • Steve Wenger 3 years ago

    Do you cycle between heavy weight training and calisthenics? Like 8 weeks weights 8 calisthenics? Or something like that?

  • Jesper Porsmose 3 years ago

    Love what your doing. You are awesome man, Respect.

  • hemant londhe 3 years ago

    instagram id ?

  • Lyam Gray 3 years ago

    This is absolutely insane it is magnificent thank you for putting such a brilliant workout video up

  • Barbrothers Belgium 3 years ago

    awesome !

  • MrListenerman 3 years ago

    I guess when you feel under the weather with colds/flu etc you sit it out and wait till its over. I find it so frustrating when i miss too many training days because of illness…going backwards is the biggest fear :) You are in fantastic shape man…really cool.

  • Renzo Tuano 3 years ago

    Man you make it look so easy

  • BlueSentinel 3 years ago

    your an inspiration to me..i just wanted to tell you that :D

  • Ramil Qurbanov 3 years ago

    like 👍✌💪

  • OmegaWolf 3 years ago

    Hey man, your videos are extremely motivating, inspiring, and awesome. I have just one question for you. How do you schedule your training days so that you avoid overtraining? You said somewhere that you do some form of training every day? If you could reply I would really appreciate it. :)

  • Ansh Srivastava 3 years ago

    I'm an Indian and I have huge respect for this guy. For he's not promoting what's trending. He's just playing his part onto getting delivered what's actually required for people to know.

    Love you bruhh!!

  • Manish Waskar 3 years ago

    aeems like a sequel to "i am legend"
    theres absolutely nobody around o_0

  • Eren lim zi jian 3 years ago

    Respect !!

  • Shanti Givens 3 years ago

    Great video. I like to watch your videos right before I work out. It helps me to push a little harder and I focus on my form and becoming stronger.