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As requested here is how I got started with my fitness journey :)
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This is basically how I got started working out and how you can get started as well. If you want to know how to maintain motivation or you have any other questions feel free to ask.
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My Fitness Journey (Arms, Core, Legs & Butt Workout)

Hey all I’m back with a new video showing you all my newest fitness journey. My goal is to work on my arms, core, legs and butt. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see my progress.

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  • AhsanY2K 3 years ago

    "A black belt at 8" Wtf Bro?

  • camila de la vega 3 years ago

    No need for dreprecion you have everything to be happy it's all in you're mind set and yes exercise

  • Fenna Jaminon 3 years ago

    ur akovely person. inside and out.

  • Sia Chang 3 years ago

    so glad I found your channel!! SUBSCRIBED! √

  • Gulab Jamman 3 years ago

    Dear Frida, I recently started watching your videos after I started my own fitness journey. I just want to let you know what an inspiration you and your channel have been to me. Your physique is my goal!!!! 😍 I love your personality, your beautiful voice, and your stance on female empowerment and fitness to fight depression. It really comes across in your videos how important this lifestyle is to you. I know you mentioned in one of your videos that sometimes YouTube can be disheartening because it seems like girls nowadays are more interested in makeup than fitness, but keep doing what you do because I am sure you have inspired many others like me! <3 May God bless you and your channel and give you lots of success. Lots of love from a new subscriber! :)

  • Ivette Tenorio 3 years ago

    ur so cool and I love all ur tips

  • Deissydl 3 years ago

    you're so beautiful my gosh girl!!!!!!

  • Jordan Swazo 3 years ago

    Hi Frida! I went to middle school with you . I really enjoyed this video ! I just started & it does make you feel good ! But your really beautiful and I love your videos! ☺️

  • Joey Moore 3 years ago

    wow – you're beautiful!

  • Cutie Pie 3 years ago

    Great advice. Thank you for making this video 😄

  • Amina Hardgraves 3 years ago

    where did you get your scale

  • Tamia Jae 3 years ago

    I am LOVING those pant gotta to get a pair or get one made,now did you get those from the ten dollars or less store.

  • ruby14444 3 years ago

    Please, Please include some of your workouts…….I NEED this so bad, i'm a slacker and I'm starting to feel and SEE it….lol, thanks Chanel you're the best:)

  • Kandis Powell 3 years ago

    I have started my weight loss "journey" last year just by changing my eating habits. I lost 22 pounds. I ordered a Total Gym, which I'm getting delivered today (super excited!). I went from 268 to 246. I would like to lose 74 more pounds.

  • Delmarshae Walker 3 years ago

    I just started my weight lost journey, I agree working out at home is more convenient.

  • MsAParker27 3 years ago

    Yes I would blove to see more videos like this very inspiring

  • marquita83 3 years ago

    nice you look great!! yess i like using the weights i need to get 10 pounds im working with five now with my squats i do the squats in the morning or after my yoga session and try to work on my core, thats a good scale i might try and get that thank you very much for the discount girl!! keep up the good work! :) thankz for sharing! :)

  • Miya Muhammad 3 years ago


  • Necce Boo 3 years ago

    I know that's right. Soon as I wake up in the morning I work out in my living room.. I don't try to get cute … Like why? Lol..

  • Samira Speed 3 years ago

    just a suggestion try superherofitnesstv YouTube page she has great cardio and kick boxing workouts

  • Ebo4EvaTV 3 years ago

    For one im so glad you wear an 8, that means I can borrow all those nice shoes you have lol! But really tho this is dope. I have been thinking of also doing a fitness vid to keep myself on track. You got me even more #Motivated #AbsOnFleek hahahaha!


  • TheLadyyasB Barnes 3 years ago

    Exercise videos please! #FitBlackGirlsRock

  • Reservechic 3 years ago

    I think that your body is in incredible shape! So, all that you have been doing thus far has definitely been paying off. And, I definitely wish you much continued success with your fitness journey for sure! 

  • Badgurlbeauty 3 years ago

    hmmmm good tip. turning on a movie and working out through out. i am very concerned about my weight since i switched from a job where i am constantly on my feet to one where i am sedentary. during my down time i do some jumping jacks. i also workout daily too. i do at least an hour workout.

  • Naturally GiGi 3 years ago

    Thanks girl for sharing cause I workout at home too & eat whatever as well but I like the fact that you're keeping it real unlike some other youtubers… Btw, your body is on fleek… You better get it girl lol

  • Feisty_Azz Slim_Jim 3 years ago


  • Bizzus Tissa Bruny 3 years ago

    Good luck on your journey dear.

  • Rose Kimberly 3 years ago

    yOU LOok beautiful!! LOVE THIS!

  • Cocoa TheeNatural 3 years ago

    To see quicker and better results with your arms, you HAVE TO use heavy weights. Like 20 or more pounds! Thanks for sharing! 

  • Dee Dva Hayes 3 years ago

    I've loss 9lbs since thksgvg, my goal is 150 I'm at 165 during that time I stopped eating bread that was my biggest downfall but, I'm definitely a water drinker. At the moment I'm doing a low carb intake because anything white my mouth tends to like. Lol. Ice cream smh, oh my I can't get enough when I eat it I make sure it's the only sweets I've had for the day. The struggle is real. Lol. I do drink a peach detox and have meatless Monday's where I focus alot on cereal soups veggies green drinks and anything that's not of high unhealthy carbs. You tummy is sculpting well I'm trying to get there, but I do see mine starting to form I'm just glad my tummy not all over the place. Awesome vid😆