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Corrina Rachel reveals the Top 10 Tips for Motivation, Success, Weight Loss, Happiness & More!!

Featuring Corrina Rachel

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  • lura garcia 3 years ago

    im extremely bubbly, happy, pretty confident but i cannot stop my overeating (usually when stressed)…i dont get why i struggle so bad with this. now worse than ever at 25. i weigh 186. this time last year i weighed 160 :( :(

  • Francisco J Salazar 3 years ago

    my resolution for 2016 is to exercise to be healthy and happy and not just to loose weight. i realised that I was obsessed with weight loss and forgot the benefits of exercise. thank you for this beautiful video. I want to watch it every day for the next 21 days.

  • surendra nepali 3 years ago

    hey hey! Have you considered – Smuggs Amazing Diet Guide (do a search on google)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my friend got great weight loss with it.

  • Kim Brian 3 years ago

    Hi Ms. Corrina.  Do you have the top 10 new year's resolution video updates?

  • husein g 3 years ago

    hello, i read lot about motivation and other things but i am unable to implement those things as i suffer from ocd. what shall i do…

  • ZradnaKapusta 3 years ago

    Do voiceovers or learn how to use your mouth so it wont look so asymmetrical. This is not hate, its a tip.

  • Niamh Fraser 3 years ago

    You could lose weight safely and avoid weight gain back again if you have the right nutrition plan, without medications, hard workouts…

  • Ruth Onaol 3 years ago

    Hiyaaaa! Have you ever tried – Xanbiga Secret Weight Loss Code – (search it on google)? I've heard some extraordinary things about it and many women have had real and amazing weight loss results with it

  • Haruki Goldup 3 years ago

    Your body has the hormone which handles 100% ability to lose fat, it is Leptin. To losing weight safely and effectively, you need to know the best way to accelerate your metabolism. 

  • Sewak mma Prods 3 years ago

    i like your hair!

  • Walkertongdee 3 years ago

    If I remember seventh grade science class, inertia is the tendency of an object at rest to stay at rest, momentum is the tendency of an object in motion to stay in motion.

  • Walkertongdee 3 years ago

    I believe that's s superwoman pose…

  • The law of attraction does really work, I have tried it many times. But It depends on the thing itself that you're visualizing if you need to do something to get it done or just visualize and the law of attraction will make it happen. 

  • joe Williams 3 years ago

    I have gained sixteen pounds and I am finding it hard to get back and follow a plan to lose any help

  • Daniel Valera 3 years ago

    Great video. Thank you!!!

  • man shing 3 years ago

    Go Google Skinnimaker System and you will find out how certain foods 'explode' in your stomach.

  • Bp Raju 3 years ago

    Very good. Thanks

  • Ehab Bebo 3 years ago

    Check out  the fat losing system that lies hidden in your body. Just go and Google Fat Blast Furnace to bring it out.

  • FPCORG 3 years ago

    nice quotes,

    “Don't wait for miracles. Your whole life is a miracle. Live it up and dare to leave an impact. There is no rehearsal.”

    thank you

  • aytelio 3 years ago

    My new years resolution is actually to go sky diving this spring/summer lol.  I started trying to lose weight now (just good timing) because I am TIRED of wearing this extra weight. 

    Law of Attraction: it's a self-fulfilling prophecy.  If you concentrate on the bad, you let the good slip away.  If you concentrate on the good, the bad isn't as devastating.  

    I absolutely despise running.  I know it's one of the best way to get in shape, but I just DON'T WANT to.

    Thank you for doing this type of video!