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A really simple recipe that helps us not only to lose a few kilos, but to get a little more energy in our day to day. We all know the great health benefits of eggplant, but did you know it helps a lot to shed excess weight. Eating eggplant so frequently not only going to get us to control our weight and our line, but also we will be getting a lot of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, fiber and very suitable.

Eggplants are vegetables native to India. They enclose an entire treasure of health benefits in their interior, which make it an excellent and wonderful vegetable to include into your daily diet.

Eggplants are one of those vegetables that have a lot of culinary uses; they are delicious and people love using them as accompaniments in several dishes. What’s more, you may not have known about their weight loss properties, but thanks to their high water content, fiber, and scant calories, eggplants are transformed into an excellent ally for your diet.

This vegetable aids in digestion, leading simultaneously to a reduction of body fat, thanks to the saponin it contains, which prevents fat absorption.
Fights cellulitis
Is an anti-inflammatory
Reduces free radicals that attack cells
Thanks to the fiber in its seeds, it is an excellent laxative
Is great for the liver and gallbladder
Regulates cholesterol
Provides the body with calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iron.

It helps us to improve our circulation, especially for its high content of vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant such as anthocyanin, which prevents many cardiac diseases and promotes blood flow.Excellent, no doubt.
Eggplant is a great diuretic .
The eggplant has very few calories, is rich in water, hence it is always an essential part in any diet.
It has a high content of potassium and some sodium, excellent for the nervous and cardiovascular system
Remember, eggplant helps to cleanse the body, lowering blood sugar levels, hence it is as suitable vegetable for diabetics.
It helps lower cholesterol, as it absorbs the fat in foods eaten with it, besides removing toxins from the body and regulate intestinal transit. Wonderful, no doubt.
Eggplant has a high fiber content prevents constipation.
Another point to consider is that stimulates bile and protects our liver.
Eggplant is rich in magnesium and iron, with which he is more than perfect to prevent anemia, increase and improve the defenses well as heart and muscle function.

First thing we do is to clean the eggplant. To this end, we will wash with a little apple cider vinegar and a tiny bit of baking. thus all kinds of toxic pesticide residues and possible Eggplant deleted.Finally we drain them with water.
Now cut the eggplant slices. More or less than half an inch thick (including skin).
Excellent, the next step will be to enter into the glass jar, put a sheet into another, and then, dropping a liter of water.
Now get the lemon juice. Once ready we add to our jar. What you remove all well with a long spoon and take it to the refrigerator.
This will be prepared to spend a night in the refrigerator,thereby removing the eggplant will juice with all its properties. These also will be much more enhanced thanks to Lemon, who also will provide a much more pleasant taste.

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