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The Kundalini Eagle Pose… This pose is primarily for raising your kundalini energy all the way up your spine to your crown chakra.

This will open you up to much higher states of consciousness and as a result, you will be able to direct your life from a much more divine perspective, bringing you many blessings as a result.

I always do this pose at the end of a kundalini yoga circuit, where I will organize each pose to slowly raise the kundalini from the base of my spine, all the way up, one chakra at a time, to make for a smooth experience.

Let me know what you guys think.. hope you enjoy :)

This 3-Minute ‘Eagle Pose’ tutorial lead by Caley Alyssa is a great introduction to the King of the Bird poses – a highly energizing asana, which is great for opening up your hip and shoulder spaces, maintaining your body’s natural alignment, compressing your lymph nodes and promoting circulation. It’s a fun twisting pose to incorporate into your yoga practice and will leave you feeling focused and detoxified. Twist up to unwind and release.

You will need: 2 yoga blocks

Get Caley’s look:
Sunny Strappy Bra:
Ripped Warrior Legging:

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