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Premature ejaculation in particular and lack of stamina in bed in general, is most commonly caused by psychological reasons.

Stress and anxiety are the primary causes of poor sexual stamina, according to recent findings.

However, that is not always the case.

Sometimes a lack of staying power in bed or a premature ejaculation problem, may be due to physical reasons, instead of psychological.

Having weak pelvic muscles is the most common physical cause of premature ejaculation.

As members of the Last Longer Group, we are here to make sure that all men become the best lovers that they can be.

Keep on watching this video to find out why having strong pelvic muscles is really important and how you can strengthen them.

Your pelvic muscles essentially control when you will ejaculate and they even allow you to hold back your ejaculation.

The stronger your pelvic muscles, the more control you will have over when your ejaculation will occur, which means that you will become able to last EXACTLY how long you would like in bed.

The best way to make those muscles stronger, is with the famous Kegels exercises, developed by Arnold Kegels, a world famous doctor.

Here are some of the benefits of doing Kegels exercises:

● Having strong Pelvic muscles will make your penis harder and provide you with strong erections that will last for much longer.

● Kegel exercises are perfect for improving the blood the flow of blood to the penis, which is essential for getting a strong erection quickly.

● Kegel exercises for men will help you get a healthier prostate

● Kegels can also help you increase the actual angle of your erection, in order to make penetration deeper and sex more enjoyable and unforgettable for you and your partner..

● Kegel exercises will also help make your penis a bit longer while it is erect

● Kegel exercises can also result in an increase of the volume of the ejaculation fluids, which is extremely important if you are looking to get your partner pregnant.

● Kegel exercises will also improve the quality and intensity of the orgasms that you will be experiencing.

● Having strong pelvic floor muscles will also help you if you have noticed that your penis is dribbling after they urinate, or if you have incontinence issues.

● Kegel exercises can make you have such great control over your ejaculation, that will not only make your sexual stamina skyrocket, but will also allow you to experience multiple orgasms and become what is known as The Multiorgasmic Male.

For detailed information and instructions on how to do Kegels exercises, click on the link that you will find below in the description.
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