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Kapotasana is deep back bending pose. In some styles of yoga it’s called the King Pigeon and in other just Pigeon. Performed correctly this pose lengthens a large number of muscles throughout the body. Unlike similar postures such as the Bridge or Wheel ( Urdhva Dhanurasan a) which works against gravity, the back bridge allows the gravity to assist the pose.

Traditionally Kapotasana is believed to be ideal for the female reproductive system and is recommended for women trying to conceive. It’s a part of Ashtanga Intermediate series.

Beyond therapeutic and yogic applications deep back bends allow for easier and more effective performance of skills involving stretching back. Martial arts, yoga, dance, figure skating and other disciplines can benefit from mastering this pose, if target skills involve back bending. In this program cutting edge Kinesiological

Stretches are combined with tested yoga progressions to master Kapotasana fast and easy. While kinesiological stretching techniques break the posture down into individual muscles and create space for pain-free, stretch reflex-free lengthening, progressions brings the skill together and move it to the next level. You get the best of both worlds and the fastest possible mastery of this postures.

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