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Once you’ve mastered Bakasana the fun can really begin. Throw on your arm balance super-hero suit and practice floating into the pose. Traditionally called Bakasana B in the Ashtanga 2nd series, this entry into the pose will teach you fearlessness. The beginning will be sloppy and potentially scary so grab some pillows to cushion your face and a sense of humor to cushion your ego then go for it!

Begin in downward facing dog. Root all of your knuckles evenly into your mat. Imagine your hands as your feet. The pads of your fingers grip into the mat and the heels of the hands push down in the same way that the weight of the feet distribute on the ground. Keep your arms completely straight and work the rotation of your outer arms in and back so that the tricep muscle hugs the bone. Spread between your shoulder blades and gently pull your ribs towards your spine and the navel inward. Keeping all of this
energy in both your arms and torso look slightly forward of your thumbs. Step your feet together and begin to lengthen your entire spine towards the back of the room on your exhale. Inhale, bend the knees and jump forward. Let your knees separate once the feet leave the ground. Transfer your weight into your hands by shifting the shoulders over the wrists during the jump. Keep all of your focus and energy exerting forward so that you can make a slow landing with your knees onto your triceps. The outer edges of
the arms are rotating inward the entire time and there is a strong lift from your groins towards your navel. Keep your arms straight the entire time and resist the urge to bend them as the knees begin to decend onto your arms. Hold bakasana for 5 breaths and then shoot your legs back into chataranga. Take a vinyasa to release the pose and then rest in child’s pose.

note: it is crucial to go FOWARD in this pose. are your knees making contact with your arms when you jump towards your hands? start there, make sure you are jumping far enough foward and up to get these the legs and arms to contact. does this still freak you out? start with little bunny hops and make your way up into full pikes. practice at home with a big pillow in front of your mat. go ahead, use the safety pad, and remember, have fun and
be fearless!
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