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Whats up everybody!

It’s Matt Cama, and today I’m going to talk to you about how to stay motivated when you’re not losing weight. I understand from experience just how frustrating it can be when you’re not losing belly fat or dropping down in kilograms, I understand the psychological process that occurs and I understand just how demotivating in can be when you’re putting in all this effort and no results are showing up. Pay attention in this video because the 4 P’s to motivation is what you need to hear in order to get yourself back on track to losing weight and transforming your body.

Video Breakdown:

1:59 The first P to staying motivated to lose weight is patience. With everything speeding up in society today, people start to lose patience. This occurs especially in someone’s weight loss journey! People don’t want to wait 1 year to transform their body, they want it NOW! If you find yourself losing patience, just remember this quote:

“If you ever think about losing patience, just remember that success doesn’t happen overnight. If it did, there would be no growth. The beauty with success being slow and hard is that it transforms us into something better.” – Matt Cama

4:29 The second P to staying motivated is purpose.
Without a reason why to lose weight, you will either:

1. Not get started on your weight loss journey.
2. Give up when things get hard.

I’ve got some bad news, it’s inevitable that your weight loss journey is going to be hard and challenging. Your compelling goal and reason to achieve that goal is going to be the fuel of drive when things get hard. If you find yourself lacking motivation to work out or lose weight, remember this quote:

“A lack of motivation is a lack of compelling goals and not enough reasons to achieve those goals.” – Matt Cama

6:11 The third P to staying motivated to lose weight is persistence. Thomas A Edison failed 10,000 times before he succeeded with inventing the light bulb. To put it into context with health and fitness, imagine trying to lose 10 kilograms and every day for 10,000 days you stepped on the scale trying to lose weight and no weight loss occurred. Most people would give up at 4 weeks going by! In order to transform your body, lose weight, tone up and get stronger, you must have the same kind of persistence that Thomas A Edison had. The good news is that you already have persistence in you, if you feel like you don’t then remember this quote:

“You already have persistence deeply engrained into you, if you didn’t have it you wouldn’t be able to walk or talk. All those things require you failing, getting back up and doing it again and again until you succeed. Transforming your body is the same thing, so don’t quit.” – Matt Cama

8:20 The fourth P to staying motivated to lose weight is progress. I always say that the very best thing you can do if you don’t feel motivated to work out is go work out. The reason why is because when you work out, you’re going to create momentum. Momentum is the key to staying motivated. The reason why momentum occurs is because of the small progress you’re making. Also be sure to remember to celebrate your victories because what gets rewarded gets repeated. If you feel like your results aren’t big enough to celebrate, remember this quote:

“I don’t care if it’s 1 kilogram or 100 kilograms, results are results, so celebrate that shit.” – Matt Cama

These are some really basic tips that you can put into practice today.

Which one of the 4 P’s to motivation do you need more of in your life to keep you motivated to lose weight? Leave your comments below.

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Remember, to love all living things, and most importantly… love thyself!

– Matt

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happy sunday babes!!! hope you enjoyed my roundup of my top 5 fitness hacks & tips for getting motivated and losing weight! most importantly though, I want y’all to LOVE YO BODIES and feel confident in your own skin!! hope you’ll join me on my fitness & health journey! XO lauren

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    I needed this lesson. I just began to get serious about my weight and this is so helpful to keep me going. Number 3 has always been my issue. I've started and stopped so many times that I use to feel incapable of doing it but this time I have the tools and the mindset to do it. Thank you!!!

  • Patience, Purpose, Persistence & Progress.

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