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How to Lose Inner Thigh Fat Fast with Easy Exercise, This Video Shows How to lose inner thigh fat for teenagers at home Fast and Naturally by doing these simple 5 exercise only.

Exercise Type 1: Wide-Stance Squat
Beginners should do for about 20 times
1. Standing Feet Put Wider than Your Shoulder
Width & Toes Should Pointing OUTWARD,
2. Slowly Lower in Squat position then Hold,
3. After that, Straighten Legs & Back To Starting

Exercise Type 2: First-Position Plié Squat
Beginners should do for about 20 times
Starting with heels touching & toes slightly turned out.
1. Close Heels Together & Rise, Now Your Toes
Is Balancing Only. Hold on to a wall to support
if you feel NOT Steady.
2. Then, Bend Both Knees into Semi Squat, After that
Back to Standing, Heels must NOT Touch floor.

Exercise Type 3: Squat With Ball
Beginners should do for about 20 times
1. Open Feet Follow Shoulder Width while Toes
Pointing Straight Front. Place rubber ball or a
knotted beach towel between Legs About
Above Your Knees.

2. Squeezing ball with inner thighs to keep it steady,
Lower into Squat & Hold, Then Back to Standing.

Exercise Type 4: Wide-Stance Arm Swing
Beginners should do for about 20 times
1. Place feet a bit wider than shoulder width &
Point toes 45 degree from centre line.
2 Hand Holding the Dumbbell Just in front of
Your Stomach.
• 5 pounds for beginners,
• 10 pounds for advanced
2. Your Arm then Straighten & lift Dumbbell to shoulder
height While Your Squat & Hold,
3. Then Slowly Lower Dumbbell & Back to Standing.

Exercise Type 5: Inner-Thigh Press With Rubber Ball
1. Lying on Floor & Bend Your Knees with Soles
Of Feet Flat on Floor.
2. Squeeze a Medium Rubber Ball or Knotted
Beach towel, Between Your Knees, then
Contract your Inner Thigh for 30secs.
3. After that, Relax for 10 seconds, do Repetition
Of 4 Times.

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