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How to Do the Crow Pose

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Although this position is commonly called the Crow pose, its Sanskrit name literally translates as Crane. Any fowl will do: the point is that you’ll be perched like a bird on a wire.

Do not practice this pose if you have carpal tunnel syndrome, are pregnant, or have high blood pressure.

Step 1: Squat on mat
Squat on your mat with your feet wide apart and your knees pointing outward.

Step 2: Reach out arms
Reach your arms in front of you.

Step 3: Place hands on floor
Place your hands on the floor in front of you, directly below your shoulders, with your fingers spread out. Your knees should rest on the back of your upper arms, as close to your armpits as possible.

Step 4: Rise up on toes
Rise up on your toes, shifting your weight forward onto your hands. Feel the weight distributed from the knees into the arms into the hands.

This might be as far as you go with this pose at first. That’s OK—it will still help you increase your upper body strength and hip flexibility.

Step 5: Focus eyes
Focus your eyes on a point in front of your body so that your head is lifted up slightly.

Step 6: Shift weight forward
Shift your weight forward far enough so that your feet naturally lift up off the ground on their own without pushing off or jumping. Your fingertips will make subtle adjustments to keep you balanced.

For a sense of security, put a pillow in front of you in case you should lose your balance and topple forward.

Step 7: Balance in pose
Balance in the pose for several relaxed, natural breaths.

Step 8: Release pose
Release the pose by lowering your feet back to the floor, coming back to a squat. Resist the urge to flap your wings.

Did You Know?
In Hinduism, crows are valued as transporters of food and offerings to the dead.





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