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How to do ardha chandrasana “half moon” pose. If you liked this video, get 50% off my yoga eCourse covering modifications and how to be your own best teacher:

What you need for this “half moon” pose tutorial video:

1. Something you can use as a yoga strap (a scarf, belt for your pants or rolled up towel all work great)

2. Space in your house, ideally near an open wall you can lean against

Watch this video on my website here:

Ardha Chandrasana, “half-moon” pose, is one of the trickiest balancing poses out there, but rarely broken down in a yoga class. That’s why I was thrilled when one of you wrote in on my website ( ) and requested a video on it.

This video starts with an alignment exercise laying down on our backs on the floor. If you’re short on time (or just impatient) that’s OK! Skip ahead to minute 4:48 (or click the button in the video) to jump to the standing tutorial. Of course, if you have the time to do the part on the floor I think you will find it very helpful (not to mention it’s a nice hamstring warm up).

I do the standing tutorial on the second side so your body can feel even. Jump to 11:02 (or press the button in the video) to do the second side with me after the tutorial is over.

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Half-Moon Pose - Yoga Exercise - Wii Fit U

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