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Epic Chest workout - Motivation

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Workout Motivation Music 2016, Workout Songs To Help You Get Bigger, Stronger, and Faster in Health & Sports.

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  • Pira guida Ror 3 years ago

    Man you don't have a chest, you have the chest!!

  • Raul Sanchez 3 years ago

    Hey Marc how much do you weigh right now ?and great video by the way

  • thejakeakar 3 years ago

    no matter you are the greatest.,

  • Alex Lipa Leon 3 years ago


  • alejandro bedoya ocampo 3 years ago

    i have been trying to build my inner chest and make my chest more flat but i havent been able to i workout my chest every other day

  • MozekBike 3 years ago

    Perfect editing, perfect music!

  • Ben Legacy 3 years ago

    more video like this plsss

  • Mathieu Bernier 3 years ago

    Tu gères tellement mec. Reste comme tu es, ne change jamais ♥♥

  • Benoit Laliberté 3 years ago

    In your videos do you get matched third party content (copyright stuff)? I know you mostly use musics from MontageRock and I did too with 2 of my vids and I got third party content twice. So if you dont have it, how??

  • jogos de moba 3 years ago

    Very god!

  • rhezimhain90 3 years ago

    hey marc? why not cut again i miss it when you were so lean!!! it motivates me to improve my diet

  • Ayehh 18 3 years ago

    marc are you currently lean bulking or do you just always want to mantain your physique? just asking cause i dont see too much different from your '2 years lean bulk transformation' video which is like two years ago.

  • ShadTree SilkScreener 3 years ago

    Search Mcswoly on Amazon !

  • Empire Films 3 years ago

    Are you natural? You claim you're 176lbs at 5' 10", and you're lean. If so, that's insane because I know someone who has worked out twice as long as you and when they're lean their muscles are nowhere near as full. Their workouts are hard and there diet is good too.

  • Stephan Deininger High Intensity Training 3 years ago

    Hi Marc!

    Amazing body and fantastic chest. What are your stats?

  • Lorenzo Macchio 3 years ago

    Hi Marc 😃

  • MrTylerGaga 3 years ago


  • Equasian Fitness 3 years ago

    Dawg you are inspirational like holy fuck yes 💪🏽🙌🏽

  • Derek Rogusch 3 years ago

    +Marc Fitt what happend with the podcast?

  • Medi Shred 3 years ago

    like tha old style vids brah!

  • Osiel Jeovar 3 years ago

    motivational e é uma boa música

  • Mr. Anonymus 3 years ago


  • amirul aqief 3 years ago


  • amirul aqief 3 years ago


  • Niccolò Lavigna 3 years ago


  • Eagle Saleh 3 years ago


  • A.S美容保養 3 years ago

    What is the song at 55: 20? Please @@

  • Sky Krime 3 years ago

    I listened @Workout Music Service's mixes every time I workout!! I feel so motivated.
    Yesterday i ate 1 egg and I went sleeping for 1hour while listening to his mixes & when i woke up, I was so motivated and energized to workout… I couldn't stop until I was tired as fuck!!

    This channel is the best!! I love their mixes!!

  • Whel Centenaje 3 years ago

    thumbs up to this!

  • Rodhil Sabay 3 years ago


  • We Memento Tyler 3 years ago

    After the first 10 secs my dick became a wet virgina

  • Usman Gamer 3 years ago

    Dbz themes are actually good to use as workout!! i feel like a saiyan when i am working out and listening!!

  • zorica spasic 3 years ago

    bull shit

  • Siddharth Rawat 3 years ago

    Who is listening this in 2016?

  • SKY TECH 3 years ago


  • batonbartek69 3 years ago

    Not good at all.

  • Loo Cheese 3 years ago

    Nice, good pump

  • YeahBody 3 years ago


  • Phantom 3 years ago