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John from and special guest Jake Mace, share with you how you the 5 ways gardening can motivate you to lose weight and get healthy.

In this episode, you will learn about Jake Mace’s story about how he was an unhealthy eating processed foods and not building muscle and recovering as fast as he is today because he is now eating a large part of his diet out of his front and back yard garden.

You will discover the 5 most important reasons and ways that you can start eating more vegetables and fruits out of your garden to lose the most weight and build your health.

After watching this episode you will have the knowledge and motivation you need to start including more of your homegrown food in your diet each and every day to take your health to the next level and drop your waist size as well.

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  • ELCHACAL840 3 years ago

    That necklace is a emf protector???

  • valgalmrs 3 years ago

    I'm a new gardener. I have started with 4 -4×4 beds. I can see this is not enough. I have added some pots and wine barrels. Still not enough room. Next season I'm adding longer beds and fruit trees and some chickens. I can see this is addicting. Nothing better on a sunny day in San Diego then to be out putting around my garden. Well the only thing better is making a salad from your own yard.

  • David W 3 years ago

    This dude looks like the bad guy from Karate Kid.
    Muscles to show off the fake fighting styles.

  • luna 42 3 years ago

    I thought the apricot kernels are poisonous, as it contains cyanide.

  • Shaz Soo 3 years ago

    jake mace is a boss
    epic of grand proportion

  • Cherry Swindells 3 years ago

    My two favourite Gardeners. You both inspires me to keep on growing food. I'm a novice gardener and have learnt so much from both of your channels. Thanks a bunch! 😊

  • Grizzly 3 years ago

    Great information, but I wish you could added the 5 most important vegetables & fruits to in your description box, due to you both talk really fast. But, I am taking notes all the way to live better and healthy

  • BlackCat2 3 years ago

    I like that guy. Mulberry and carob! I have a few mulberry trees that fruit already, still working on the carob and also trying to grow avocado because I love those. – Heidi

  • Bill Girod 3 years ago

    He may be good at gardening, working out and eating plants, but Jake mace is a martial arts fraud, and a joke in the traditional kungfu community. John on the other hand is a legend of homesteading!

  • bogipepper 3 years ago

    O.C.D. vegan seems to work better than O.C.D. "healthy junk food folks" we all know many. Still my kimchi rules, as well as my Mycorrhizae tea the way I make it from John Stamets "Fungi Perfecti" myco grow. A show with John would be epic. Peace one day soon.

  • Hissage 3 years ago

    Great video ! I wish I had 1/3 of acre lot ! I have just a regular lot , raised beds and fruit trees . Adding something every year !

  • up grade stevens 3 years ago

    This video was badass!! What other foods should we grow that the stores dont have? I'm in san brenardino/LA area, whats the best place to buy plants around here?

  • Gloria Vasquez 3 years ago

    Thank you for sharing this video. You both are my favorite YouTube personalities. Great to see you both togerher. Awesome info and great advice. I am, like Jake, the only one of my family, friends and co-workers living a healthier life stile. This was of great encouragement. Thank you ~~

  • Laz Hun 3 years ago

    what kind of banana takes Arizona heat please tell me so I ca try to grow it in Vegas. thanks!

  • Pippi Elvesse Bernstein 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing the info dudes! I am am taking your advice to heart as I want to vote for life with my life. I am done with the death greed mean culture of competition. I am busy raising children and focusing on what could be going on for our lives and just DONE with what is: the slavery in the food, the goods, the system that puts us down to Stupidville. The more I can be self reliant and responsible, the more I can train my daughters how to live rightly as conquerors in spirit, not victims of the overlords. #futuressobrightIgottawearshades! Especially with dudes like you in the mix! What will help the animals the MOST, vegans, will be resurrecting the soil. Our landlord has DESOLATED this ground. My husband said, if you make it look nice, he will evict us and get more rent. So I have planted a wicker chair around a grape vine and I am putting in berries with thorns and other Plant like 'obstacles' for the animals, bees, butterflies, and birds to enjoy but which will be harder for him to kill later because I said, I'm on a mission from God to provide habitat, food, etc. for the life around me which is calling me to care. Everything you say has been also found true by me: weight management, skin glow, etc. improves with a fruit/vegetable meal base. So life begets more life and gives back just as death takes your resources, energy, etc. and leaves behind cancer, bitterness, loss etc. It's a clear choice. Still it's hard for people to get over their ick factor when it comes to picking and eating lunch, it's also a Chipotle state of mind within, so 1000 thanks for sharing and helping me get over the humps of discouragement and keeping up the fight. I keep telling my husband, this will be like mostly free so you don't have to work so many hours when the food starts coming in. But the desolation on this tiny trailer mostly cement lot is still daunting to me. Sometimes I just lay a water hose on it just to get it to flood and the soil is so barren, it doesn't. Happily there is a lot of cardboard, horse poo and wood chips for free around here to work on it section by section for mostly free, but also, I never grew anything before, so thanks!

  • freshorangina 3 years ago

    Since starting my garden last year, and focusing my nutrition on whole foods and natural eating, I have lost 85 pounds. I am less than 25 pounds away from my target healthy weight in less than a year. It truly is the best thing you can do for yourself.

  • Mirakel Spektakel 3 years ago

    Some awesome tips in this video! Wish i lived where i could harvest fruits year around, would be so much easier staying raw if i did.

  • Squirrelly Shirley 3 years ago

    Awesome guest! :)

  • Natural Steez 3 years ago

    JAKE MACE!!!!!
    2 Legends in 1 video.

  • Anatolii Shin 3 years ago

    you're doing GREAT job, thanx!!!